Dec 18 2006

Who Has More Compassion For The Needy?

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If you ask U2’s Bono who has more compassion (i.e., the desire to act) for the needy in this world he would probably bluntly tell you Bush is by far the biggest champion, while Congress is home to the cheapskates – especially Democrats. No votes to be bought? Then no interest.

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6 Responses to “Who Has More Compassion For The Needy?”

  1. rodeoclown51528 says:

    is that a joke?

  2. Barbara says:

    What’s wrong with Bono? Doesn’t he know these people in the 3rd world countries can’t vote? Democrats wouldn’t know what to do if they gave money away for free.

    The environmentalists have a lot to answer for. They caused DDT to be banned in Africa thereby causing millions of deaths. They don’t turn a hair and don’t care. Really, they accept no responsibility at all. This is known as tunnel vision. If it wasn’t for this ban there would be little need for mosquito nets.

  3. Terrye says:

    I did read somewhere that Bono ask people to lay off Bush in some concert/fund raiser. He also said that Bush had done more for Africa than the previous administration ever did. In fact he said Bush comes through with real aid whereas Clinton made promises he did not deliver on.

  4. For Enforcement says:

    rodeoclown, it’s not a joke

  5. Greedy … Democrats?…

    Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
    Meetings in Washington last Thursday between rock star Bono and Democrats, including Senate leader Harry Reid of Nevada, yielded a nice photo-op but not much else, according to Bono.
    Bono, the U2 frontman and anti-pove…

  6. MerryJ1 says:

    John Stossel did a lot of column work on this, citing irrefutable evidence that conservatives do their charitable giving out of their own pockets, while liberals toss the old one-finger salute at the needy but blather on about how much they “care” because they want Uncle Sam to take care of the wretched poor.

    Several reviewers expressed “surprise” that this has proven true. Their surprise is a surprise.

    Remember when charitable donation comparisons were made in Election Campaign 2000? George Bush, Steve Forbes, Alan Keyes and other conservative Republicans each had donor amounts in the mega-highs, while Al Gore had a total of $254 in charitable donations for the year (on their respective income tax forms)? And Gore’s spokesman attempted to cite “Gore’s giving of himself in personal appearances and endorsements…”?

    Or, the 1992 disclosure that Bill Clinton took charitable deductions on his used underwear, leading to the infamous perky young thing question of, “Boxers or briefs?”

    Name a “caring and charitable” liberal who demands tax money be collected and redistributed to the “less fortunate,” and I’ll show you a demagogue who hides his/her personal wealth behind a foundation or somewhere the taxman can’t reach it.

    Name a “mean spirited right winger” who wants less taxes, less government intrusion, and I’ll show you someone who likely given personal time, money and participation in helping charitable causes.