Dec 18 2006

Al Qaeda Training Western Jihadis

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It seems that Al Qaeda is preparing to send undercover warriors into the West, using native Westerners has the undercover Jihadists:

Media reports have claimed that Osama bin Laden’s terror outfit Al Qaeda is currently training a 12-member team of Westerners in Pakistan to carry out a special mission.

The 12-member squad is likely to help plotting attacks on return to their home countries, the report said.

The team includes nine British citizens, two Norwegian Muslims and an Australian.

The report was published quoting Taliban’s Chief Qaeda liaison for Ghazni province in Afghanistan, Omar Farooqi. The report claimed that some Taliban commanders told it of seeing the “English brothers” in person during the training.

Tying this news into what we fear may be the actual, underlying activity surrounding the Litvinenko death is clearly a disturbing possibility. I am not saying ti is true, but one wonders about all those claims by Ahmedinejad regarding the pending attack (and fall) of the West. The next attack would make sense to come from holy warriors that are native to the UK, Australia, the US and the EU. More here.

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  1. Weight of Glory says:

    Many saw this coming. The Jihadis, realizing that the public will only endure for so long the PC mantra “don’t racially profile,” will shift tactics by recruiting those who don’t fit the bill of what a Jihadi looks like. Instead of Ahmed we will get Andy; rather than Mohammad we will get Mark. But like the moves of a chess game, their shift will result in an eventual shift in our tactics, an unfortunate but necessary shift. Many in America will begin to discriminate against Muslims period; against Islam itself. It will take a while for us to get to that point, for many will want to hold out hope, but someday, if this continues down this road, it will happen.

  2. Mark78 says:

    I know this is a story thats a few months old now, from CNN, but it’s amazing how this stuff slips under the radar and some in the old media are forced to report news that runs contrary to their conventional wisdom.

    Look at this one:
    “Poll: Most feel civil liberties not harmed by war on terror”

    Of course this is filed under their “non-biased” Broken Government section on their site as well.

  3. Carol_Herman says:

    Litvenenko was a liar, start to finish: Definitely

    His wife has more screws loose that Oswald’s: Sure

    That lying is a russian way of life: It’s called “survival” over there

    That Al-Kay-duh would capitalize on headlines, no matter what? Of course. How else does propaganda gain altitude.

    Sprinkle on a little common sense: The Londstan Imam is frightened out of his skull by “radiation.” (Did you know, when you went to the Cardiologist’s office, among other places, those places are loaded for bear with nuclear material? And, this stuff is injected into you, too?)

    Do you know why? Go ask a radiologist. Then, report back.

    YES. The Al-Kay-duh guys, like mental institutions before them; have mental creeps and cretins that come in all shades. That’s the brain, itself. Mad, mad, mad, people. Enough to go around.

    But do notice. Those in “training” are not at home, now. They’re in “the other place.” Where after “training,” they’re a bit like zombies. Being returned to their “old neighborhoods. Perhaps? Well, perhaps, one holds the Imam who wouldn’t let the bocy in the casket come into the “main portion of the mosque.” Fearing, as he did, contaminating his own faithful.

    I’d also be surprised to find out that Litvenenko wasn’t “faking his religion.” Since it’s more likely, rather than less likely, that he was an Atheist. And, he “became” a muzzy as part of his disguise. Then? When he needed to be buried … The Imam didn’t treat his body with respect. (Isn’t that what you’re paying for when you join a faith? That you can be sent ‘inside a spaceship” to the beyond. Out of reach of where most people go.) Litvinenko didn’t get the “full treatment,” here. Yes. You should wonder.

    As to the “how” where terror is concerned, what’s the value if people just drop one-by-one? Traffic accidents, and getting cancer are probably up there as the #1 and #2 ways to death, itself. Especially, for those that “pass” earlier than expected.

    Alan King (not his real name), was a wonderful comedian, none-the-less. And, because he was rich, when his mom got sick, and she HATED going to doctors, arranged for her to finally see one of Park Avenue’s best. So she was examined. Not finding much wrong to diagnose her complaints, the doctor said “all would be well if she just removed all of her teeth.” At which point she put her hands to her jaw. Took out her false teeth. And, put them on his desk.

    And, he was a professional! Credentialed and all. And, practicing out of a top address.

    It’s easier to cause hysteria in lots of people; just like Alfred Hitchkock said. Keep throwing McGuffins. And, even the birds will scare the audiences half to death.

    I still think we’re dealing, here, with ordinary greed. Coupled to stupidity. Because the Polonium didn’t set off the Geiger Counters. I also think the BEST WAY to transfer this stuff is through the money supply. People love cash. Give them enough of it, and they’ll lick their fingers, too, while they count it. And, they’ll drop some off at the houses as ex-wives, as well. So no big surprises are needed to figure out “what could be next.” Are the banks aware that their ATM machines could house this crap?

  4. Ken says:


    Once again a mixture of fact and naeive or purposefully duplicitous
    misreading of Moslem world politics, so typically American.

    Ahmedinijad would have no knowledge of SUNNI jihadist plans,
    being a Shia rival of same whose religious kin are being offed by
    Takfiris in Iraq. Did you also believe in a Birchite “one-world
    communist conspiracy” in the sixties, wherein the Soviet and
    China always worked in concert?

    Now, let us say the balance of the story is true. Blame your
    dear leader Bush’s invasion for increasing the ranks of the
    jihad worldwide, just as a series of leaked CIA reports have
    foretold, subjecting America to unnecessarily increased
    danger in the continental 48.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Even more disturbing to me, AJ is the sudden resignation of the Saudi ambassador. If you look at his past history, he has a pattern of suddenly changing jobs immediately after or immediately before major terrorist operations. He went from the UK to the US two weeks after the 7/11 bombings in London.