Dec 14 2006

Pretending To Be President

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US Senators needs to remind themselves they are not elected to be President and lead foreign policy. We know the Democrata like to pretend they are all knowing and all powerful – but the rest of us know what results from naive and uninformed meddlers.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Hey Ken

    I googled “American Firster” and all I can say is “WOW. What a fascinating read!! I read most of the articles on the first page but saw nothing about a party being formed. Maybe you should get on the stick and form your own. Your ego is certainly big enough. And maybe the ten people you are able to recruit could make a difference

  2. Ken says:

    Maybe you are enjoying the unwinnable Iraq fiasco conceived and engineered by the “respectable” “conventional” American mainstream political class.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    Barbara, you obviously have also observed as I have that Ken comes up, throws out God knows how many wild statements, swears they are true then when you ask for the source, he links you to some liberal or progressive rag that has no resemblance to anything he said and offers that as his proof. See where he said the Constitution said the Congress must declare war and I asked him to cut and paste that from the Constitution he goes off on a tangent.
    He also made a statement that The British Empire crumbled under Churchill. When I asked him to name just one single country that left the British Empire, you’d think that would be a slam dunk, wouldn’t you. so far, not one country has he named.
    He’s full of all the fake facts you would expect from a French Muslim.

  4. Ken says:


    You obviously have noticed that to For Enforcement , American Conservative Magazine (–good piece on neocons
    in current issue) is “left-wing” Cynthia McKinney is a Moslem,
    and the Ku Klux Klan was a northern organization which spread
    later to the South.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    Hey fruitcake, I didn’t say McKinney was a moslem. Can’t you read?

    I also didn’t make that statement about the KKK that you stated. Didn’t you learn to read in third grade last year?

  6. For Enforcement says:

    However, you did say the British Empire crumbled while Churchill was Prime minister

    You also said the Constitution said Congress MUST declare war. If you think either of those are true, it should be a simple matter of cutting and pasting.

    Cut and paste the sentence that contains the word ‘must’

    Your credibility is zilch minus.

  7. Ken says:

    “Mckinney you referred to is a muslim and doesn’t understand America’s laws any better than French Muslims do.”

    Direct paste—why don’t you ban this lying senile cretin, AJ?

  8. Ken says:

    And the buffoon also apologized when he was corrected on the
    Klan geographical misplacement on another post.

  9. For Enforcement says:

    See, you can’t read, I said that I did not say she was a Moslem. I didn’t say that I did not say she was a Muslim.

    Are you ever right on anything?

  10. For Enforcement says:

    apologized when he was corrected on the
    Klan geographical

    He wasn’t corrected. He himself pointed out that it was the creation of the modern(or present day) klan that took place in Indiana in the 1930’s

    The original klan started in Tn in 1860’s but that Klan was disbanded and ended ops in the 1800’s. The latter day klan was then born later. The earlier klan was a social organization, the latter one, was the racial one that was started in Indiana.

    Anyhow, I am the one that pointed that out, no one corrected me.
    Unlike you that never corrects anything he is wrong on, which is everything. But that’s because you don’t know the difference.

    Are you ever right on anything?

  11. For Enforcement says:

    Hey, while you’re in the cut and paste mode, get that article from the constitution with the word “must” in it.

    Are you ever right on anything?

  12. Ken says:

    Moslem and Muslim are interchangeable exactly as For Enforcement
    and garrulous cretin are interchangeable.

  13. For Enforcement says:

    and Rabid and Mad are interchangeable and mean “get a rabies shot”

  14. For Enforcement says:

    Moslem and Muslim are not wholey interchangeable. In meaning, maybe, in use no. If I use the word Muslim and you say I used the word Moslem. then you would be incorrect. incorrect is interchangeable with wrong. wrong is interchangeable with Ken.

  15. Ken says:

    More senile inanity from a guy who might have compromising pics.
    Turn em over, FE.

  16. For Enforcement says:

    Nope, no compromising pics.
    You’re not disappointed are you French guy?

    But, as usual, wrong again.

  17. Ken says:

    I said “might.” As usual YOU’RE wrong again.

  18. For Enforcement says:

    Ken you said:As usual YOU’RE wrong again.

    Are you an echo chamber or woody woodpecker?

    Keep dazzling us with your brilliance.