Dec 14 2006

Some Litvinenko Information

Sorry for the lack of posting. Meetings and business socializing a lot this week. So here are some interesting articles I collected through out the day when I had a moment here and there.

Here is a very informative articles regarding the true concern of the entire Litvinenko incident: the clearly successful smuggling of nuclear materials.

Here is another article that lays out a bleak picture regarding recent incidents regarding nuclear smuggling.

Some ex-KGB are really throwing some more cold water on the assassination angle.

One of the latest articles on the confusing reports regarding Russia’s testing of key airplanes.

The story has definitely been slow to move the last couple of days and I am sure many people are losing interest without any new details.

Update: Here is a round up of a lot of stories what have broken recently on Litvinenko, with some really interesting tidbits.

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2 Responses to “Some Litvinenko Information”

  1. gumshoe says:

    AJ –

    “Some ex-KGB are really throwing some more cold water on the assassination angle.”

    the ex-KGB “we no longer kill spies” comment
    is so much semantic spin:
    several news stories related to Litvenenko
    pointed out Putin had recently enacted legislation
    amounting to legalization of asassinating
    “enemies of the Russian State” or some such.

    one of your posters can likely clarify by posting a link,
    but this announcement by the ex-KGB group
    is semantics at best.

    Litvenenko wasn’t necessarily a spy…he’s a perfect target if you call him a simply a “dissident” or “enemy of the State” etc,etc.

    as others have pointed out eleswhere,the rate that
    bankers and Yukos employees have been dropping like flies
    in the past year doesn’t suggest the Russian State security apparatus has developed cold feet.

    all that said,
    i tilt in favor of the “smuggling theory”
    over the “Putin hit job” re: Litvenenko.

  2. Barbara says:

    Well, even though I am in the smuggling/accident camp, I don’t believe this fairy tale. The former KGB and the present FSB no longer kill anyone. BS.