Jul 14 2005

Suicide Bombers Stopped In Iraq

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Reuters via (Al Jazeerah) is reporting 3 suicide bombers were stopped at the entrance to the Green Zone in Baghdad today.

Iraqi police thwarted a triple suicide attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone government compound on Thursday, shooting dead two bombers and wounding and capturing a third, a U.S. military spokesman said.

Police said the attack, claimed by al Qaeda’s Iraq wing, involved a car bomber followed up by two bombers on foot. The target was a checkpoint guarded by Iraqi troops and police and used by civilians arriving for work at the fortified complex.

Doctors at the city’s Yarmouk hospital said they had seen two bodies from the attack and five people were wounded — among them, it appeared, the third bomber who failed in his mission and whose capture could yield important intelligence

A salute to our Iraqi allies in thwarting this brazen attack. Ted Kennedy should be on the Senate floor now saluting these men as well. But he doesn’t have the political bravery to do so.


Capt Ed has a link to more good news that the US has captured the assasin of the Egyptian Envoy to Iraq.

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