May 23 2005

MSM Confusion on Stem Cells

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As I posted earlier, the embryonic stem cell issue is wrought with confusion and misinformation. Is it ignorance or propoganda? We’ll let you decide. Many confuse a stage of life (embryo, fetus, babay, etc.) with forms of life (homo sapien sapien, human being, etc.).

Today the San Diego Tribune provides another example of how the emrbyonic stem cell issue is not being reported accurately. Here is their lead-in prediction of the dire state of American research:

A few years ago, American scientists were world leaders in stem cell research, an area of medicine that holds promise of someday providing cures for such degenerative conditions as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and spinal cord injuries. Today, American scientists are on the sidelines as those in South Korea, England and Singapore produce advances. And that may not change for quite some time.

Sounds impressive, yes? Well, no. What is happening in these overseas countries is they are creating clones, and establishing strains of stem cells. We have been able to do that in this country for many years. None of these ‘break throughs’ have made any steps towards solving the methodology and processes required to transform embryonic stem cells into cells that could repair damage to tissues, etc.

They have found a way to make more human beings to be used for spare parts. We could do that any time we felt like our humanity and compassion for life were not important anymore.


Kathryn Lopez at NRO explains there is a very good legislative alternative in the US House right now which would establish a umbical cord bank,which would be useful for deriving stem cell lines. Too bad the MSM is incapable of comprehending this serious subject, let alone reporting on it.

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