Dec 07 2006

Litvinenko Updates

Update: Nice updated graphic at The Times UK of timelines and locations of meetings that also show contamination. A few notable locations and times missing: Scaramella meeting in Picadilly Sushi Bar, meetings in Berezovsky’s offices, the offices at 58 Grosvenor square, and when and where Zakayev picked up Litvinenko and took him home. – – end update

Well, a lot of things have happened today – none of them good. We see that one of the Russians who met with Litvinenko has possibly become seriously ill and must have been in the vicinity of the Litvinenko poisoning – which moves that point from the Sushi Bar to some point and time prior:

Russian citizen, Dmitry Kovtun, who gave evidence to investigators from Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office and Scotland Yard on the case of Alexander Litvinenko’s poisoning, is in poor condition. Soon after giving evidence, Kovtun fell into coma, competent sources told reporters in Moscow. Earlier, Kovtun was tested positive for polonium 210.

I say ‘possibly’ because there are reports he is not that ill, but lets assume he is. We are beginning to see a spectrum of doses and time to impact the human body, which will (sadly for the people involved) give a clearer picture of where and when the contamination happened. On the deadly end of the spectrum, up close to the contamination event that was most dramatic we have Litvinenko with 50-100 times the lethal dose in his body. He became ill within hours and died 3 weeks after the event. He was at ‘ground zero’.

At the other end of the spectrum are the low dose contamination sites like the Arsenal stadium and Airplanes which apparently only received a ‘dusting’ (to misuse a word) of the Polonium-210. These locations seem to be secondary or tertiary contamination sites that are contaminated by a vector (person) who was not at ground zero (at sero time).

We can now put places and people onto this spectrum. It seems the Millenium hotel room was ground zero given the dosages seen there. It would seem Scaramella is a secondary exposure event from a Litvinenko who acted as the vector from Ground zero to Scaramella. That is why Scaramella’s dose is 1/20th that of Litvinenko. It would seem the Sushi bar is also a secondary contamination from Litvinenko.

Dmitry Kovtun appears to have been at ground zero, but either a distance away from Litvinenko or at a later time. His illness came on now four weeks later than Litvinenko’s, but he is definitely much more ill than Scaramella. I would guess whatever Litvinenko did or experienced to be exposed Kovtun was nearby.

Lugovoi looks like a Scaramella like poisining. Close to ground zero but contaminated through a primary vector. Now there are two possible vectors to Lugovoi: Kovtun and Litvinenko. These two primary vectors also could be the ones who contaminated Berezovsky’s office, the Millenium Bar, the staff at the Millenium Bar, the Erinys Company, the Zakayev car, Litvinenko’s home, etc. All of these locations and people look to be secondary contamination sites (contaminated by the vectors that were at ground zero) but they all have different levels of contamination – depending on how far from ground zero they are in time. Scaramella and the Sushi bar were very close intime and show higher doses than other, llater sites (has hands are washed, material drops off, etc).

There seems to be an early contamination event and pattern surrounding the Oct 25th time period and centered around a less deadly or severe ground zero at the Sheraton Park Lane. Thinks of a rock hitting water and creating ripples. The first rock hit on the Oct 25th and made some small ripples. The second rock hit on Nov 1 and cause a tsunami of contamination.

What worries me is we have no way of knowing what was the original total amount of Polonium 210 smuggled into the UK. Was it the 50-100 doses which Litvinenko ended up ingesting, or did he only get a small taste of a much bigger mountain of Polonium?

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