Dec 06 2006

Radiation Checks In Istanbul Turkey

It seems ground handlers in Turkey are now being checked for Polonium-210 contamination (it even hit the Iranian newspapers). This would really explode the possible path of the radiation from the Litvinenko murder in London. I do not recall any of the suspect planes flying as far as Turkey, but that apears to be the case. It seems to be an overabundance of caution at this point. People are not expecting to find any contamination. I am surprised this is the only hint we have heard given how far ranging some of these planes flew.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    “On Tuesday 12 August, British Airways announced that it would shortly be commencing twice-weekly flights between London, and Basra in southern Iraq.”

    Wonder if it makes a stop in Istanbul.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Oh, and Iraqi Airways has been flying from Basra to Istanbul for some time.

  3. Lizarde1 says:

    Turkish company HavaÅŸ provides ground services for BA planes – that’s why

  4. Lizarde1 says:

    ignore above remark – misread something

  5. clarice says:

    One BA plane that went to Greece was checked. That is the closest connection I can recall.

  6. crosspatch says:

    It was apparently the company itself that decided to do the checks as far as I can tell. Probably under pressure from the baggage handler’s union.

  7. Carol_Herman says:

    Drudge headlined that 4 Greek men are contaminated. I saw it days, ago. And, yes, I mentioned it here.

    It’s possible there “was” a design to throw a “big terror happening” someplace in the Mideast.

    Now, if this is true. And, Israel’s the target? Do you think she waits until she’s scorched? Or the Madrid Conference #2 gets held? Without Israel present. According to Drudge. Who is giving James Baker 1000 Cuts.

    I’ve never seen this white house leak before. Maybe? They should call the PLUMBERS. (That’s the ticket. That’s HOW Nixon got impeached.) How far would you have to go this time? To convince Bush 2 to get his ass to Texas? Huh?

    He “got” this job, with Bandar’s approval. Because he was motivated to “revenge” his dad’s getting tossed from office by a draft dodger.

    You think this story is nearing it’s end?


    Churchill said it best. We’re at the end of the BEGINNING. More news, ahead.

  8. crosspatch says:


    This is interesting.

    This program is based on the Iraqi material that Saddam Hussein’s two sons shipped to Syria before and during the war against Iraq. This explains, according to the daily newspaper, why international investigative teams found no proof of the program.

    Furthermore, the British sources in Brussels affirm that “Iranian nuclear experts contribute to the Syrian program along with sixty Iraqi experts who had taken refuge in Syria since 2003 and experts from the ex-Soviet republics”. British intelligence also confirm that this information is validated by their German counterparts, who was well established historically in the countries close to the ex- communist block, including Syria.

  9. Lizarde1 says:

    here’s the latest from the times on line:,,3-2489808_1,00.html

    these idiots never tie in all the stuff – for example though they mention the planes to and from Moscow they fail to mention that radiation was found at the hotel they stayed in the prior time – Park Lane I think and in 5 rooms as I remember so the article leaves the impression that Lugovoi brought the stuff in on the 31st from Moscow which we already know isn’t the only time the stuff appeared in London – we know it was Oct 25 at the Park Lane Hotel. In any case, one of the three Russians has been interviewed. He seems to also be in the hospital for radiation testing.
    Andrei Lugovoy, a former KGB officer, and his business partner Dmitri Kovtun visited the embassy shortly after news of Mr Litvinenko’s illness from radiation poisoning became public. Both men gave written statements to embassy officials and expressed their willingness to cooperate with the police inquiry.

    They are currently in a Moscow hospital, apparently receiving treatment for exposure to radiation.

  10. Lizarde1 says:

    and another story from the Times tonight this one much better and detailing the polonium trail of Lugovoy,,2-2491275,00.html

  11. clarice says:

    Carol–The Greek story was posted at least twice by me. IIRC they were tested and found ok–They were in the stadium and probably were just sitting near the PO drippers.

  12. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    sixty Iraqi experts who had taken refuge in Syria since 2003 and experts from the ex-Soviet republics

    Hmmmmm…2003 is the year of the invasion, when did they take refugee, why and um who gave them the heads up? The CIA people overseeing our operations in Iraq or Rockefeller who gave a heads up a year before (working in tandem with the “head” of operations in Iraq ??—- don’t ask your self that question, the CIA competence level of all levels of overseeing/monitoring our Intel in Iraq is frightening. Wicked scary, actually. Horrid.)

  13. Carol_Herman says:

    Clarice, I am so glad that the “greek stuff” didn’t fall by the wayside. Thanks.

    The other thing I do notice, however. Is how people say “no ill effects at this time.”

    That was said, today, about the employees at one of the London hotels. Well? If they get some form of cancer in the next few years; what would that be written off to? Are they just released? And, forgotten.

    Sometimes, medicine can do 20 year studies! (Yes. They can! Double-blind, too.) So there’s a scientific way you can proceed, with the collection of data. Is that going to be done, here? And, if not? Why not?

    When will the people who were exposed. But not “showing ill effects” become concerned? To they need to survive five years without developing leukemia? Or kidney to bladder cancers?

    Two years after Professor Richard Feynman died of cancer; his wife died of cancer. Yes. Different cancers. But is this usual? I’m sure INDIVIDUALS have their own thoughts about family illnesses. (Including the genetic factors.)

    But how do people come to conclusions that some things are just not safe to do? Like cigarette smoking, for instance? Lifetimes for everyone are finite. And, we seem to have a press that looks at things for the moment. And, we never hear about long-term outcomes.

    Except? As I said, in medical reserach, there really are long term studies. Journalism? Has never picked up on this stuff at all.