Dec 06 2006

Connecting Nuclear Dots

I feel like I am playing six degrees to Kevin Bacon, but I think we may have found links between Berezovsky, through his Ukraine businesses, to Al Qaeda and Iran regarding nukes. But there is a connection. Al Qaeda and the Taliban were tied heavily to the Ukraine which was implicated in the transfer of weapons, including nuclear components to these terrorists before 9-11.

What concerned me was that I recalled this from reading some material earlier that one of the people physically with Bin Laden during an interview was a Ukranian Scientist and the subject I was reading had to do with suitcase bombs supposedly given to Al Qaeda:

Williams & Dastych: What do you know about the plans for an “American Hiroshima”? Are they still being considered by Osama bin Laden, or abandoned as unrealizable?

Mir: Osama bin Laden planned deadly attacks against his enemies already in 1998. I actually met a person in Afghanistan, who visited Moscow many times, between 1998 and 2001, with Jumma Namangani (an ex-soldier of the Russian army, who joined al-Qaida in 1989). They were in touch with Russian underworld, through some Chechen leaders. These Chechens have organized the smuggling of at least three nuclear “suitcase bombs” for al-Qaida from Moscow to Georgia, and from there to Italy. I was also introduced to a Ukrainian scientist in Kandahar, in 1998. One al-Qaida operative, known to me as Saad, told me that this Ukrainian scientist was working for al-Qaida.
Some of the Osama’s fighters left for the targets in Europe and America even before the fall of the Taliban in November 2001.These are hard-core militants; most of them are Algerians and Chechens bearing European passports with false Christian and Jewish names. I will give more details in my coming book.

What I was not aware of was Berezovsky’s deep ties to the Ukraine and his buying of the Yuschenko presidency. Apparently Berezovsky spent over $20 million on the election of Yuschenko. And everyone is wondering why he spent so much – what were his motives? What was he expecting in return

It is clear this kind of largess would buy Berezovsky some brownie points in Washington and London – and their respective intelligence communities. But was this the price for access to what he wanted? He worked with some now well known names to topple the Ukraine government at one time. So is there a connection, beyond the fact Berezovsky is one of those who claimed Al Qaeda had suitcase bombs from the Ukraine in the first place? Was it a diversionary act to blow the whistle on his own actions? The Ukraine is a center of nuclear power and at one time housed a major portion the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons stockpile. And the claims of Ukranian ties to Iran continue to this day.

Is Berezovsky hoping to set up a country from which he can overthrow Russia? He seems ready to use any force necessary (from January of this year):

Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky has never made any secret of
his loathing for President Vladimir Putin, but in an interview in
his London exile the controversial tycoon went one step further with
a vow to mount a coup.

For the past 18 months, “we have been preparing to take power by force in Russia,” he said, claiming he would finance this with a fortune
that had “tripled” over the last five years to billions of dollars.

Berezovsky added that “that Russia under Putin has practically lost
the North Caucasus where separatism has grown stronger and also lost
its influence in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova and is
yielding its positions in Armenia.”

“Everything that will be done to reestablish the Russian constitution
will be constitutional by definition and that will happen before 2008,”
the year of the next presidential elections, he claimed.

However, a coup, he said, could only be mounted by “one elite against
another in power.”

“I do not rely on one elite only, military, media, business or secret
services — rather on each and all, not excluding even an alliance
with former enemies,” he added.

“The majority and the mob never interested me. They are always
conservative. All changes will be made by an active minority, like
it happened in Ukraine,” Berezovsky continued.

Are we dealing with a maniacal character with delusions so wild he would do anything to gain dominance? Seems so.

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  1. jerry says:

    I posted this on the last thread, which has gotten a bit jumbled, and thought I’d stick it here.

    “Here’s an argument – – if the choice of motive is between a nearly free state sponsored assassination and an immensly expensive black market smuggling conspiracy… which is more likely?”

  2. Lizarde1 says:

    All I have to say is that if I were Putin and I was going to kill somebody in london I’d spend my poison on Boris not on the two bit player Litvinenko

  3. crosspatch says:

    Exactly, either Boris or the Chechen.

  4. Carol_Herman says:


    I had read, somewhere, that POLAND went to Israel. To discuss putting up a fence. SO she could curtail the blackmarketeers that flew over the border, THROUGH POLAND, from the Ukraine.

    Then? Came the Orange Revolution. And the border wasn’t sealed.

    Could it be possible that Iraq, now in the hands of James Baker, is just a side-show?

    The real threats are a NEW crop of terrorists, NOT FUNDED by the Saudis. Not coming out of the Wahhabi mosques. Actually having their hands on a couple of suitcase nukes?

    What was all that stuff about “swallowing” contents of mother’s milk, this summer? We were told it was a way to “explode an airplane.” People couldn’t even bring a cup of coffee. Or a Coke. On board. And, hundreds of thousands of delayed passengers arrived at their destinations. But their luggage DIDN’T?

    What if this is just the tip of the iceberg?

    Still it’s exposing BAD GUYS. No good guys yet in the death rate.

    Seems that someone thought of a way to get GREED to play a BIG PART in having Litvenenko walk among a gang of terrorists; leaving markers on them, all.

    The best parts of this story are still hidden.

    The trail? To follow the contamination. And, it’s making headlines.

    Scaramella? Well, if cancer doesn’t kill him, his friends, will.

  5. Barbara says:

    Shades of George Soros. What is it with these oligarches? Bereszovsky seems to be trying to buy power the same way Soros is trying to do. Does mucho moola begat power madness? Perhaps there was something in the Lukos oil itself that made its former owners drunk with power.

    Russia has to be the most corrupt country on the planet. The government is crooked, the oligarches were crooked, the mafia was crooked of course and all these thousands of ex-KGB agents looking for an easy way to make a buck. Makes you wonder if all the citizens are crooked. They all live in a dark, shadowy world where no one really trusts anybody else. Why should they when everyone switches to the other side when enough money is in play. And the rest of Europe is not far behind. That’s why I don’t care what these people think of the US. They are cynical degenerates and of the “what’s in it for meor what have you done for me lately” group of people.

    If Putin is responsible for Litvinenko’s death (and I don’t think he was) he really did pick the wrong guy. I agree with the above poster that Bereszovksy and Zaparev were better bets. And as obnoxious as Litvinenko seemed to be, Bereszovsky tops him by a mile. I don’t know why England wants to protect this scum. His rantings are doing irreparable harm to the English-Russian relations if that matters at all.

    But then Russia has never been known for co-operation. They were our enemies during the cold war and I don’t think things have changed much. They would bring us down if they could.

    I don’t think Russia can be cleaned up. The rot is too deeply entrenched. They seem to have FBS agents in all countries doing what, I wonder. Sowing discord? Getting all secrets and new technology more likely. That is their modus operandi is it not? To steal secrets from other countries but mostly from the US. That’s how they got the atom bomb via the Rosenburgs.

  6. wiley says:

    We don’t know yet if Boris & the Chechen are going to live.
    Also, I think many overstate the “clean” manner of assassination hits. Things go awry quite often … mishaps, accidents, unintended or chance events, meetings, etc. However, usually the cleanup or cover-up is well done, but not always. And there’s no denying that Putin has resurrected (if it was ever all that dead) Soviet-era KGB tactics to silence dissidents and critics, and to create new dependent, client states. They also have a history of using torture and painful deaths. Putin certainly knows what happened, and IMO is likely complicit. But we will never know for sure. People won’t be allowed to talk, whether killed or “unavailable” for investigators. And the various players, who live, will all spin.