Dec 06 2006

ISG A Wasted Punt

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The Iraq Survey Group has come out and demonstrated their total incompetence and futility. Instead of providing a plan to win in Iraq (which we are not winning or losing, still battling) they have decided the politicians would best be served if they did not have to deal with Iraq during the next election cycle. They propose a date certain to give up. Now Al Qaeda knows how long they need to hold on and our Iraqi allies know the day they will be slaughtered in the streets by Al Qaeda. No concern for our military or what the future would bring if Al Qaeda took over Iraq. No concern for all those brave Iraqis, the vast majority, that have risked their lives and died to gain a democracy. Just a thinnly vieled CYA for all those knocked-kneed Pols who hate to be confronted with tough issues while they serenade us with all their virtues and grand successes during the campaign season. Washington DC is officially broken folks. All they can do is cover those wide bottoms of theirs and try to cling to their cushy little Congressional seats. That is why the date was picked folks – our elections and their discomfort. Congress paid for this report so they have enormous say on what is in it (trust me, this group was not independent from Congress at all). Why not surrender now? Politically too damaging. Now our fearless Congress has two years to explain why they cannot be bothered with Iraq. Pathetic. Thank goodness Bush is not going to fold or run. I suspect his trashbin is overflowing with this ridiculous cover up for political cowards.

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    Last and final warning. I do not have this blog so childish people like you can indulge their insecurity complexes. Suggest you take a time out and figure out how to get past puberty before you post again.