Dec 06 2006

Berezovsky Strikes Back

It seems we have a media war going on now that someone in Litvinenko’s “network” (which would be Berezvosky’s network) is trying to link a Litvinenko critic to the FSB:

The prominent English Sunday newspaper The Observer published an article where Julia Svetlichnaya accused Litvinenko of possessing secret documents that he intended to use to blackmail prominent Russian politicians and businessmen.

Aftenposten has seen an email from a British human rights activist and Professor of Russian, and member of Litvinenko’s network, who claims to have information that Svetlichnaya was acting on instructions from “a special bureau” – a reference to the secret service FSB – to study in London in order to have easier access to exiled Chechen leader Akhmed Zakayev.

Well, besides the emails and the pictures from Litvinenko, I guess it could have been a staged event! Now why would “Litvinenko’s network” make such a move?

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2 Responses to “Berezovsky Strikes Back”

  1. clarice says:

    Isn’t this no more than last week’s story now hitting the Norwegian press?

  2. mariposa says:

    No, it is more: Aftenposten is reporting that they received an email tip that Julia Svetlichnaya is not simply a student, but is connected with “a special bureau” in Russia. After investigating the claim, it appears credible to them; Aftenposten can neither completely confirm, nor completely deny it. Just more background on a new player who may or may not be spreading disinformation.