Nov 30 2006

Contamination On Airplane Probably From Litvinenko

According to late reporting tonight one of the contaminated planes flew one of the Russians who met Litvinenko late in the day of the Polonium contamination of Litvinenko back to Moscow.

One of the two Russians who had drinks with Alexander Litvinenko on the day the ex-security service agent fell mortally ill has said he was on one of the British Airways aircraft being tested for radiation, a Russian newspaper reported Thursday.

KGB veteran turned businessman Andrei Lugovoi told Kommersant that he flew from London to Moscow on one of the “contaminated” aircraft on November 3, according to a report on the newspaper’s web site.

The British Airways aircraft that flew from London Heathrow to Moscow on November 3 is one of those listed on the company’s web site as being involved in the investigation into Litvinenko’s death.

Instead of implicating a Moscow source this continues to show a trail of contamination from Litvinenko to Lugovoi. The meeting was late in the day (4:30 – 6:00 PM) per the timeline and near the end of the contamination trail. And this contamination trail again points to some particulate contamination on the outside of Litvinenko as opposed to something seeping from his body. Since Lugovoi is not contaminated, then the only way for him to pick up contamination and deposit the contamination on the plane is by external particles. That is if Lugovoi did not ingest the contamination.

This is a very key point to the contamination puzzle. Scaramella was not contaminated, but the Sushi Bar was. Berezovsky and his staff were not contaminated, but his office was. The two Russians were not contaminated, but the hotel bar where they met Litvinenko was. Litvinenko’s home was contaminated, but not his family. And in a different model all together, Litvinenko did not contaminate the two hospitals where he was treated.

This pattern can only work if the contamination was on Litvinenko’s clothing or something he had with him. That contamination source somehow got Polonium-210 inside Litvinenko’s body – probably through licking fingers or some other incidental ingestion given the pattern of radiation destruction.

No person in contact with Litvinenko was contaminated internally. But we do not know about something carried on clothes since the evidence is probably long gone from clothes washed since November 1. The fact something travelled on Mr. Lugovoi but was not in him once again points to an accidental exposure – not an assassination attempt necessarily.

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  1. Snapple says:

    One of the places that is contaminated is a security company near Berezovsky’s office. I think this is Berezovsky’s security company.

    I’d like to know more about that.

    Some security companies are kind of sketchy.

  2. Lizarde1 says:

    Since there was polonium at the Sushi bar but it seems nobody got sick there (takes about an hour per Times of London to get sick after ingesting it and there was a high concentration found in his urine) this is sounding more and more like Litvinenko himself was carrying it around and it somehow opened and began leaking at the Sushi bar – perhaps when he reached in his pocket to pay for the meal he dislodged something (explaining why there was so much on his clothes to leave a trail)….if so – why would he be carrying it himself and where did he dispose of the rest of it before going home and why did he have it for to begin with? And what was he doing between 1 and 3? The mystery continues. This is starting to remind me of the Anthrax particles leaking from envelopes.

  3. Lizarde1 says:

    per Reuters a 4th plane is now being looked at: