Nov 29 2006

Very Strange Behvior By Alex Goldfarb

Alexander Goldfarb, the spokesman for Berezovsky (and at times for Litvinenko) has decided to forego any radiation testing for contamination.

One of Mr Litvinenko’s closest friends, Alex Goldfarb, a daily visitor to his hospital bedside before his death last Thursday, yesterday said he had declined to be tested for contamination as he believed the risk was extremely low.

That seems to me to be a very strange and disturbing decision. Is he less afraid of being contaminated than being discovered to have been contaminated? As I mentioned in a previous post Goldfarb is best known for changing the alibis and excuses surrounding the contamination at Berezovsky’s offices.

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  1. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    –Is he less afraid of being contaminated than being discovered to have been contaminated?–

    Good point AJ.

    Especially since it seems he waited it out after others.

    But, if he didn’t see Litvinenko until after he went into the hospital then I can see why he’d see no need, sort of

  2. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    Noted in the last thread that both Anatoly Chubais — and Yegor Gaidar — have been close allies of George Soros.

    Alex Goldfarb

    -Mr Goldfarb was director of a George Soros-funded project to tackle TB in the Russian penal system.-

    …Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999
    From: Alex Goldfarb
    Subject: #3098 Soros and TB

    The AFP story “Soros Ready To Give 60M To Battle Russia’s TB” [3098] leaves
    an erroneous impression that Mr. Soros is prepared to unconditionally
    increase funding of the Russian TB program. The actual status of the
    program is this.

    The Soros Foundation, a.k.a Open Society Institute, has sposored a $12
    million project of the New York Public Health Research Institute, the
    largest western TB control program in Russia. Approhimatley half of this
    money has been spent to date towards the establishment of modern TB control
    measures in five regional prison networks: Ivanovo, Tomsk, Nizhniy
    Novgorod, Vladimir and Mariy-El…


    TB – Tuberculosis

    Which I am no doctor, but mirror the symptoms of Gaidar’s IIRC.

  3. clarice says:

    More and more foolish–Litvinenko saved Berezovsky’s life, went to jail and was deported for doing so and remained close friends with him. This murder was a warning to Berezovsky among others. One of Litvinenko’s closest associates says so, too:
    “Felshtinsky, a Russian historian who moved to the US in 1978, penned the book Blowing Up Russia with Litvinenko — who died in a London hospital last week. He believes top-ranking Russian secret service officers ordered the “hit” to send out a warning to defectors — especially billionaire Boris Berezovsky, a critic of President Vladimir Putin.

    Felshtinsky said: “When I talked to Alexander around 12 November about who poisoned him, we were talking only about the Italian guy Mario. He was sure at this time that it was Mario. He was telling me that he was in a scheme.”

    Felshtinsky added: “There is no doubt this was done by the Russian government or FSB (Russia’s secret service). I think it was a warning. It is also a demonstration that Russia doesn’t care how the world reacts to what it is doing.”,,2-2006550459,00.html

    Scaramella didn’t have anything to do with it, but the story adds another factoid–Scaramella met with Litvinenko at the sushi bar but ate nothing.

  4. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    …ALEX GOLDFARB: Fred didn’t make any secret that he has very high-level connections to the National Security and their people. He told me and everybody else in Moscow that he has a rank in the army and that he closely worked with the army, that he knows personally John Shalikashvili. And Fred invented– invented himself, in that sense. He kind of liked to present himself that way and that was very dangerous. Russians generally are paranoid about spies.

    NARRATOR: Cuny had seen a humanitarian nightmare. He feared the consequence of U.S. inaction.

    READER: [Fred Cuny’s writing] Undoubtedly, the Russians can inflict major damage on the Chechens. The question for Yeltsin is how much misery he is prepared to inflict on civilians in order to win.

    NARRATOR: In the United States, he went public and denounced Russia’s brutal campaign.

    MARK MALLOCH BROWN: He was very, very angry. I mean, he felt that this was just something terrible going on and that the desire of the U.S. to ensure that Yeltsin was not embarrassed in Chechnya, that Yeltsin’s hold on Moscow was not weakened by, you know, an overly forthright and frontal criticism of what he was doing in Chechnya, that the U.S. was, in his view, not on the side of the angels in this one.

    ALEX GOLDFARB, Soros International Science Fund: Fred was obviously carried away and he- there was no point talking to him. So I talked to people in New York and there was a couple of shouting matches on the phone. And then I went to New York to try to convince them to abort Fred’s mission.

    NARRATOR: In New York a bitter dispute erupted over whether Cuny should return to Chechnya.

    ARYEH NEIER, Pres., Soros Open Society Institute: Even while the arguments were playing out, as I say, I’m not sure we were all together in some way, so I don’t recall a specific conversation with George about Alex’s letter or anything like that.

    ALEX GOLDFARB: The argument against me is that Fred is doing nothing illegal by all the standards of international law, which is probably right, and that nobody will dare touch Fred because he’s so important and so famous in the international humanitarian circles.

    NARRATOR: The Soros Foundation arranged for official Washington to hear Fred Cuny’s singular testimony. His briefings were passionate, his plans to broker a cease-fire that could stop the killing no secret. His sponsors knew, as did Cuny, that his information was the entree to power. And that may be one of the reasons no one stopped him.

    FrontLine LiNK

    Cuny was suspected to maybe be a deep covert operative under the ruse of humanitarian work, and there was a book that speculated he was killed after observing Nuclear activity in Chechnya.

    Don’t know what it means, but 3 of the mentioned are Soros aligned sans Berezovsky.

  5. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    Also, note Alex Goldfarb seems to be going against Soros here – there seemed to be a lot of debate after this Cuny fellow was killed, that few people actually discouraged his “mission” while a minority knew what it meant and protested to no avail…Alex Goldfarb seems to be one of these.

    Again, the speculation was Cuny, on a backroad trip stumbled (or on purpose went to gander) a secret base that was working on old Russian but Chech. resurrected Nukes.