Nov 29 2006

New Map and Timeline Out

The Times UK finally notes in their new timeline and map what I noted two days ago – there is a gap of three hours between the time Litvinenko purchases a newspaper in Picadily Circus at noon and when he meets Mario Scaramella at the Sushi Bar at 3:00 PM. The one location that has not been accurately placed in the timeline with the contamination is Boris Berezovsky’s office visit. The reporting shows the contamination can take 2 or more hours to start seeping from the body. It is possible for Litvenenko to have been contaminated before the Sushi Bar or at it depending on whether there was some particulate contamination involved verses transfer from bodily fluids). But if the Berezovsky office contamination predates the Sushi Bar contamination at 3:00 PM, we have a totaly different storyline coming out.

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2 Responses to “New Map and Timeline Out”

  1. Snapple says:

    Near Berezovsky’s office is a security company (Berezovsky’s I think) that also had traces of this polonium.

    There are so many mafia structures penetrated into the Russian government that it is really hard to say what is the government and what is a mafia structure.

    I don’t exclude that Putin was involved. People say that would be stupid, but Putin can be kind of crude. He may want to send a message and may not care what others think.

    Some people say it would be stupid for this to happen with Putin’s blessings because it would make him look bad, but they may be trying to pin this on the oligarch Berezovsky.

    But is Berezovsky stupid? Would he have traces of polonium in his office and security agency?

    Wonder what’s up with Gusinsky? He had the former head of the 5th directorate, Filipp Bobkov, as the head of security at his bank.

    Bobkov poisoned people. He poisoned someone in Sakarov’s family once to send a message.

    A lot of these gangsters have worked with the KGB. Also, the security may even be working with ME terrorists: people”s loyalties are very fluid

  2. AJStrata says:


    The security company is actually not near Berezovsky’s office, it is near the Mayfair Hotel where Litvinenko met the Russians. The company is run by an ex-Special Forces Brit and is staffed by ex military. Doubt it is associated with Berezovsky.