Nov 27 2006

Chechen’s Salute Fallen Comrade, Litvenenko

It seems the brutal Chechen rebels (who are definitely allied with Al Qaeda) are publically honoring former KGB spy Alexander Litvenenko who died mysteriously this past week.

“The president and the government of Ichkeria (the rebel name for Chechnya) plans to bestow the state’s highest decoration to compensate the actions of Alexander Litvinenko on behalf of the Chechen people,” said a rebel statement dated Saturday and published the following day on the website.

Litvinenko was close to Chechen rebel representative Akhmed Zakayev, who visited his bedside before his death and accused the Kremlin of exporting “gangster politics” to Britain.

Litvenenko, who once was charged with investigating corruption in Russia, took up residence in the London home of corrpupt oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who himself had strong ties to the Chechen cause. The Chechens rebels are making a serious claim today:

Litvinenko had also “adopted the Muslim religion”, according to the Chechen declaration, making him a “martyr” with his death.

Recall that Chechen rebels were responsible for the Beslan School Massacre and Moscow Theatre Attack and Apartment Bombings in Russia. So allegiance (and in some cases defending) the Chechens is a clear sign the news media should not jump onto the Putin bandwagon. The Chechens are a violent Islamo Fascist group with ties to Al Qaeda,

That al Qaeda has trained these Chechens — and perhaps even planned some of their operations — is clear. In fact, the Chechen conflict has long been seen by bin Laden as but one front in the global jihad which began on February 14, 1989, when the last Soviet soldiers Afghanistan.

After the Soviets left Afghanistan, a multinational force of mujahadin slithered into Chechnya. The key operative was Jordanian Omar Ibn al Khattab, who had trained in bin Laden’s camps. Bin Laden and Khattab enjoyed an unusually close theological affinity, and exchanged personnel and resources.

In Chechnya, Khattab was made operations chief under the overall commander, Shamil Basayev. Like Khattab, Basayev had trained in al Qaeda camps and was personally close to bin Laden.

There have been reports of Al Qaeda connections to the Moscow Theatre and Beslan School Massacre. Basayev was the one who took credit for the murder of babies and children and parents in Beslan School One. As the above link reminds us the 9-11 leader Mohammed Atta joined Al Qaeda to fight in Chechnya. Zacharias Moussaoui has connections to the Chechen conflict as well. The warning signs about Chechen rebels and Al Qaeda have been around since 9-11 (note this last link includes the determination that Chechen women bombed two passenger airliners out of the Russian skies). I can go on for page after page on the violent connections between the Chechens and Al Qaeda. Yet Litvenenko and Berezovsky both lauded the Chechens and became refuges from their country in order to side with these rebels. Berezovsky may just be playing the revenge game, tearing Russia apart after losing much of his ill-got wealth. But clearly these people are aligned with violent Islamo Fascists who are partnered with Al Qaeda to remove The West and democracy from the earth. We need to stop fantasizing about James Bond and take these warning signs serious.

If Russia is split from the UK and US then the efforts to battle the Islamo Fascists will take a turn for the worse. We need to be objective and stop letting the news media cloud our analytical judgement. Since when did a corrupt Russian business man who had ties to terrorists combine with an ex-KGB spy who also defended the terrorists give rise to the image of a freedom fighter? And when these terrorist sympathizers run into a substance used in primitive nuclear bombs when did that become evidence of a clumsy political assassination instead of a serious concern that some kind of nuclear plot had been exposed? Am I the only one in touch with my inner Jack Bauer?

Update: More here on the previous, glorious leader of the Chechen Freedom movement (and the mounds of innocent dead he left in his wake). Make sure to follow the links for a complete picture of the Chechen Rebels, and therefore those who support them. This is an exceptionally important link on the history and structure of the Chechen rebels (Islamo Fascists) and the current Chechen government (secular ex-rebels).

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10 Responses to “Chechen’s Salute Fallen Comrade, Litvenenko”

  1. Sue says:


    I’ve been out of the loop for the last few days and haven’t read your site. All of the information I have had is from news reports on tv. I bought it. Hook, line and sinker. Never dreaming there might be more to the story. The only inkling I have had that there might be a hiccup in the story was yesterday when they started reporting he might have taken his own life.

    Thanks for reminding me why I don’t trust MSM.

  2. AJStrata says:


    It is best to never trust the news media, they are not our best or brightest by a long shot!


  3. Barbara says:

    It seems very strange that the Chechens would honor an ex KGB agent. People seem to jump on any bandwagon that sounds and looks good without investigating the rights and wrongs of same. These movie and entertainment people seem to be looking for causes to support (Vanessa Redgrave) most probably for publicity concerns. Russian politics are extremely complicated and not for the non discerning. I find it laughable that an English actress would hop on this particular bandwagon in London of all places to support one of the players in Russian politics. Are there not have enough problems in her own country that she needs to meddle in the politics of a former enemy.

    This ex KGB agent was assigned to watch and according to him murder his target. This was why he defected. Error number one. I can’t believe a ex KGB agent was so squeamish about killing his target. The Russians said he was fired for corruption. That has a more realistic sound in light of his joining his target and actually living in his house in London. If the liberal press believes this fairy tale they are naive.This guy simply became a traitor to his county for personal gain. There seems to be a inner war going on among the pro Russian forces inside Chechnya and one is eliminating the others in his path. The biggest problem as I see it is the presense of Polonium-210 in this mixed bag. Russia’s guard over their WMD has been abysmal in the years since the separation of the Soviet Union and a cause for much concern.

  4. Sue says:


    I know. I got caught up in the story they were telling me, and not on the computer since the day before Thanksgiving. I really should know better.

  5. Ken says:

    ” Are there not have enough problems in her own country that she needs to meddle in the politics of a former enemy.”

    LOL-when are you going to apply this to America meddling in the Middle East?

    “If Russia is split from the UK and US then the efforts to battle the Islamo Fascists will take a turn for the worse. ”

    Get it straight, fella. Russia’s realpolitick vis a vis the Islamic world
    FORBIDS IT to align with the Zionist dominated US and ,somewhat
    lesser degreed UK.

  6. Barbara says:


    To compare a two bit publicity seeking actress getting mixed up with a foreign country’s politics and the US taking out a despot dangerous to the entire world just shows how truly stupid you and your nut theories are. You have dropped from the ridiculous to the sublime. Which makes you sublimely ridiculous. You are not only comparing apples and oranges, you are comparing apples and skyscrapers.

  7. Ken says:


    Funny how every neighbor of Saddam implored your dear leader
    Bush NOT to “take him out,” considering him no threat any
    longer…including his chief victim Kuwait. Not to mention
    everyone else in the “entire world.”

    Iran did too-but they were playing wise politics. Congratulate
    the victors!

  8. Snapple says:


    The first guy who was elected in Chechnya, Maskhadov, seems to have been a moderate Muslim who wanted Chechnya to be independent. I read that the Russians wanted him out and so backed Basaev at some point. Maskhadov is dead now.

    Maskhadov was not exactly a “terrorist’ in the way that Basaev has been because he targeted military targets–not civilians.

    I don’t understand this well, but some very smart western observers felt that the Russians were wanting the situation in Chechnya to deteriorate into terrorism to give them an excuse to intervene.

    I am not sure of what I am explaining; it is so complicated.

  9. Snapple says:

    Dear AJ–

    All Chechens were not the same. The deposed President of Chechnya, Maskhadov, who was killed by the Russians, actually supported US intervention in Iraq. The Russians seem to have encouraged the most extreme Chechens.

    Here is a quote from an article that is no longer on line. It think it is from 2003.

    “In February, the U.S. State Department added three Chechen groups to the federal list of terrorist groups. This is the first occasion when the U.S. has labeled Chechen groups as “terrorist.”State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said that the three designated Chechen groups had “training and money links” to the Al-Qaeda terrorist network. A U.S. State Department press release later explained that the U.S. does not “consider all Chechen fighters to be terrorists.”Maskhadov is not on the list of Chechen “terrorists” as he has never supported the use of violence for political ends against civilians,unlike Shamil Basaev whose organization was designated as”terrorist.”

    Many of the same kinds of actions undertaken by Basaev are also routinely undertaken by Russian forces in Chechnya. Beatings, murders, rapes, theft, and the removal of children and teenagers by “death squads” in order to politically intimidate the remaining population are also consistent with the U.S.definition of “terrorism…”

  10. Snapple says:

    Dear AJ,

    You write Chechen rebels “are definitely allied with Al Qaeda.”

    Chechens have been fighting Russians for a few hundred years.

    Their capital Grozny is an old Russian for that means “Terrible” as in Ivan the Terrible.

    The Chechens were nationalists initially. Putin used the Islamists to undermine them, I think.

    You are buying the Kremlin line that all Chechen opponents of the Kremlin are Al Qaeda terrorists. This is their constant propaganda for years.