Nov 26 2006

How To Play The Media

Update: The media have latched onto one senational theory for the death of Letvenenko, but in reality there are many plausible and possible answers. – end update

We are seeing a string of murders associated with the Chechens and Russia. First we had the Anna Politkovskaya murder, and recently the Alexander Litvenenko murder (see posts here and here). But there was another murder in recent days as well. And that was of another former FSB/KGB agent who was attempting to retain power in Chechnya. He was Movladi Baisarov and he was killed on November 18th. What is strange is all three of these deaths link back to Chechen rebels. Litvenenko was associated with Russian crime Oligarch and Chechen supporter Berezovsky. Politkovskaya was very an outspoken critic of the Russia policies towards Chechnya. In fact, both Politkovskaya and Berezosvky were instrumental in negotiating with Chechen Terrorists during two of Russia’s most notorious attacks: the Beslan Shool Massacre and the Moscow Theatre Attack. But Baisarov’s killing is different, yet the same. Baisorov was ex-KGB as was Litvenenko, but it is hard to tell of he was suppressing or siding with the Chechens. What is clear is Chechen rebels apparently formed 25 person hit squads to track Baisarov down in Moscow and Baisarov went to meet one of these squads totally unprotected – as if he trusted them with his life:

As many as 50 Chechen police officers traveled in two groups to Moscow this month to arrest Baisarov, Vremya Novostei reported, citing sources in federal special services. Delimkhanov headed one of the groups, the daily and Novaya Gazeta reported.

Chechen police said they had to shoot Baisarov because he pulled a grenade on them. But national media have reported that Baisarov took 11 shots, some fired from almost point-blank range.

Vremya Novostei quoted witnesses as saying that the Chechen officers never tried to apprehend him, but rather shouted something and started firing when he got out of a gypsy cab.

The operation to find Baisarov was the second time a large group of Chechen officers, many of them former rebels, has been deployed to a Russian city in recent months. In the fall, a group of servicemen with the Vostok battalion, which is manned with ethnic Chechens and deployed in Chechnya, traveled with their weapons to St. Petersburg to put pressure on a local businessman in a property dispute, national media reported.

I am not the only one to notice the connections in these three deaths, I just happen to be one of the few not buying the media line. The media is gullible and easy to play of the story folds into one of their liberal stereotypical conspiracy theories. But the media is not alone anymore – so there are other options that can and should be invesitgated. Baisarov doesn’t fit into the Kremlin assassin story because Chechen rebels were the ones who ‘silenced’ him. He must have trusted the contact he made in setting up the meeting because someone in his business (FSB, head of security) would never take an unprotected ride to an ambush. So why would Chechens be killing off these people?

First realize that Chechens are like all other Islamo-Fascists, to them infidels are useful as cattle. They can be slaughtered without guilt when the time is right to use them for their preferred purpose. The fact these people have personal ties to Chechens (who serve as bodyguards to Al Qaeda leaders Bin Laden and Zawahiri) tells me maybe lose ends are being tied up. The fact the murders garner a liberal media outcry against critical world democracies could be pure bonus points. So what would a wave of killings of Chechen contacts mean? It could be a sign fo things to come. Recall that 9-11 was preceded by the killing of the Afghan war lord who was the largest threat to the Taliban in an pre-emptive effort to enhance the Taliban’s defenses for the coming reprisals from America.

The fact Polonium-210 was the source of the poison tells me maybe that killing was accidental or diversionary. The Chechen’s could be playing their Russian allies as an attack is being staged for Europe or Russia. Whatever is happening, the idea it is all about Putin’s revenege is both naive and ignorant to the world threat. We know Al Qaeda needs to send a message to the West to underscore their demands Democrats in the US make good on their promise to surrender Iraq. I have said the best place to target would be Europe (or Russia) since the message would be clear, but the Democrats could still argue the war is none of America’s business. I still say the best time for such a message is before year’s end. We shall see. But I doubt the news media has any clue what is going on – so the story as it is being presented now has little chance of being the truth.

Update: A good read on the history of the anti-Putin, pro-Chechen culture in London can be found here in this Gaurdian story from a few days back. The sad truth is, all these liberals who ‘defect’ to those forces who are out to destroy “The West” forget they too are “the West” and can be considered disposable at any point in time. All you need to do is feed these people’s egoes and they will perform their roles – to the end. But one thing is clear, these people market the most insane conspiracy theories which mirror those from the far left here in the US which blame Bush and Cheney for destroying the Twin Towers in a CIA coordinated attack.

Litvinenko’s and Berezovksy’s friends, together with the actress and activist Vanessa Redgrave, have spent the past few years campaigning to prove that Putin came to power as a result of a deeply cynical FSB plot in the autumn of 1999. This, they say, involved blowing up apartment blocks all around Russia, wrongly blaming the attacks on Chechen separatists, and playing on Russian fears of the fierce Muslim Chechens both to start a new war in Chechnya and to win Putin the presidential elections. Litvinenko’s book, Blowing Up Russia, details this claim. The ex-operative, who Russia says was removed from the FSB for corruption, claims he left because he did not want to carry out an FSB order to assassinate the man who was then Putin’s political Enemy Number One – Berezovsky.

It is clear that if the general population in Russia believed the Chechen’s were the victims of staged attacks carried out by the FSB/KGB they would stop efforts to face down the Chechen’s – basically to surrender. That is the same result we would see here in the US if anyone every believed the nonsense that Bush ordered the attack on the Twin Towers. It seems obvious that these conspiracy theories only help the enemies of democracy. Whether repeated by useful idiots or propaganda storm troopers, the ideas being pushed are meant to destroy the West’s will to defend itself and join forces.

Update: I shouldn’t be surprised that there really is a George Soros connection to this whole mess:

Alex Goldfarb and Alexander Litvinenko met in a Russian prison. In the late 1990s, Mr Goldfarb was director of a George Soros-funded project to tackle TB in the Russian penal system. They met in Lefortovo prison, where Mr Litvinenko was awaiting trial on charges of abuse of office.

Too many coincidences. The world just ain’t that small.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    I’m listening. Stilll, it’s hard to work up sympathy for putin. Who has just given Tor missiles to Iran. So that the nuke sites are protected.

    It doesn’t seem like putin plays with us. And, that he has muslim enemies? What’s new? Where’s his advantages? Russia is a basket case.

    And, when you talk of George Soros, isn’t that one of the ways Soros actually got rich? Manipulating money markets? And, supping at russia’s disintegrating flesh?

    What’s with the case france has against soros?

    Are we watching “fights over money?”

    Iraq sits on the world’s 2d greatest oil wealth.

    I’m only guessing. But isn’t Bush still trying to shore up the Saudis? Who have created the curse of islam, globally? Arabs had lived, for centuries, in all sorts of places on the globe. And, until the Wahhabist terror was unleashed; each area had accommodated the “locals.” And, there were “mom and pop” imams. Getting along. This is no longer true. And, you an’t lay this one at Soros’ feet!

    With the cash register of Iraq about to open! And, not on Cheney’s designs, either. Since it looks like America is on the run. Used as a “factor” that backfired. In other words; the Italians sent in millions to “free sgrena. Or whatever her name was.

    And, there was an American Colonel, waiting to scoot Sgrena back to italy, without mention of the millions dropped, there. Who was that American Colonel? Why the free pass?

    What’s James Baker up to, now? And, why is Cheney consorting with America’s #1 enemy? You have another name for the saudi’s? Whose on sandbox is now in trouble?

    So, I spy died in Londonstan. I agree with you the story stinks to high heavens. But since when is putin on our side?

  2. Mike M. says:

    Very interesting connection of the dots. I’m not sure I agree – I sitll suspect that FSB decided to indulge their James Bond murder-gadget fantasies – but the Chechens could be involved…..and Moslems have a long-standing propensity for regarding infidels as expendable. Add the meglomanic tendencies of the hyper-rich and we get a hypergolic mixture.

    Maybe it’s time to get a pool going on when/where the next major attack will take place – purely for informational purposes. (Delphic research WORKS. I know.)

  3. Ken says:

    Strata (and his acolytes) should be aware because of his pronounced tendency to muddle the picture..Russia’s quarrel with Chechnya
    is a border dispute related to nationality and soveriegnity and has nothing to do with US contrived “war on terror” shenanigans.

    That is to say,the US has no border dispute with any ethnic group in the Moslem world and should stay out of it, while Russia has complicated issues involving geography and its proper sphere of influence with that world.

  4. For Enforcement says:

    Sure Ken, America bad guy, Russia good guy.
    go back to sleep. you’re more interesting that way.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:


    You may want to take a look see at the article below

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    Another interesting read to be taken with a grain of salt

  7. ivehadit says:

    Why are all these people being What is up?

  8. cochino says:

    I can’t take this anymore. American Empire? You can’t be serious! The last true empire to exist on Earth was the Ottoman Empire. It’s strange you should bring it up, too, because that’s what we’re fighting now in the Middle East. I don’t what you learned in your undergraduate history class, but Arab nationalism is directly descended from the Turks and their bloody empire (well known, but look here

    If you look deep enough (even in liberal publications like the New York Times), you’d know that Turkey’s recent acquisition of leadership positions throughout the Middle East ( should make everyone nervous. Do you think that the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with polonium 210 is a coincidence? Besides the United States, what other country has this technology? Hint:

    As far as the link between Saddam and al Qaeda, even Senator Levin has come around on that issue (

    We’re not the imperialists, Ken. That’s why (excluding several years in the mid-1890’s) the U.S. has never truly “occupied” foreign soil. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The Founding Fathers of this nation understood the link between our freedom and fighting threats abroad. Through their own writings, we know that both Jefferson and Madison understood this. Hell, the U.S.-Mexican War of 1846-48 can be looked at as a kind of preemptive war.

    Sorry to have to point out your ignorance, Ken, but you asked for it.

  9. Ken says:

    As answered on another post, your link to Levin only says he is trying to get at the truth, which Buchanan already exposed years ago:
    Feith, a racist Jew who is active in Israeli politics and has pushed for
    expulsion of Palestinians en masse, provided false intelligence to
    get America into an Israel-protecting war.

    Chalmers Johnson’s tome “Sorrows of Empire” proves we do have an empire, as does Buchanan’s “A Republic Not an Empire” and
    Andrew Bacevich’s “The New American Militarism.” Johnson and
    Bacevich are historians , left and right respectively,and Buchanan is one of the few prominent conservatives left in American politics.