Nov 19 2006

Rangel’s Idiocy

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Charlie Rangel has got to be kidding if he thinks drafting leftwing nuts out of San Francisco to ‘fight’ for this country is a good idea. The guy is showing why it is not good to stay in DC too long. The city just banned JROTC because they are so prejudiced and insecure they could not tolerate diversity. If San Francisco will not allow kids who chose to go into a military-like program, what makes him think they will support forced military duty? Here’s an idea Charlie: why not experiment by only drafting out of liberal districts first. Conservative locale’s already volunteer at high levels anyway. That way we can see how KosKids could handle military discipline!

What an idiotic idea.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Rangel must want the Dem party to commit suicide. I’m sure if he intro’d it, his vote might be the only Aye.

  2. Nelle says:

    I suspect Rangel would love to draft some SF leftwingers into the military. It would make disrupting the war effort by inciting desertion and insubordination among the ranks so much easier.

  3. lanie says:

    Bad time to be Nancy Pelosi.

  4. Christoph says:

    “That way we can see how KosKids could handle military discipline!”

    You mean like honorably discharged army veteran, Markos Zúniga?

  5. Terrye says:

    oh Goody the days of :”Hell no we won’t go” are back again.

    Christoph, yes but back then Bushitler was not president.

  6. Terrye says:

    BTW, does Kos support the draft?

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  8. Retired Spook says:

    I’m sure if he intro’d it, his vote might be the only Aye.

    FE, IIRC, Rangel introduced draft legislation during the 2004 Presidential campaign, and then didn’t even vote for his own bill. Charlie really puts the “loon” in “loonie”.

  9. Carol J says:

    Yeah, and here’s the kicker…Rangel is calling for the draft again (no big surprise) but for 18 to 42-year-olds!!! 42? What the hell?…hey…that might even include some of the freshman class in Congress. Also, men AND women? Imagine that!!!

    This ain’t going anywhere, but Charley is still looking for the anti-war vote in massive numbers! Stirring up hate and discontent is just his style!


  10. Barbara says:

    What is this with Rangel? The Pentagon say they want an all volunteer military. Recruits are signing up over quota needed every year, so where is he coming from? He wants to force guys who do not want to be in the military to be there. That’s a big help. He contends that more blacks are fighting and dying than whites. With him it is all about race. That is how he keeps getting elected by telling the blacks how much of a victim they are. Nevermind statistics showed how flat out wrong he was about black/white quotas. He’s either totally stupid or he’s getting senile.

  11. Ken says:

    Are you afraid the chickenhawks will be drafted in future wars, Strata? Fewer upper class demographics serve in Iraq, per capita, than in any previous war.

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