Nov 15 2006

Extremists Are Rampaging

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While the far right is pushing for party purity and punishment to illegal immigrants (ignoring the entire war on terror issue), the far left is also out to show which party is the most extreme. The troop pullout demands show a liberal mindlessness that is stunning. And the fact the Clintonistas want to purge the Democrats of KosKids, etc, shows their is a purity putsche going on in the Democrat party as well. What in the world is going on in DC? Have these people all lost their minds? The worst thing I heard today was on the Laura Igraham show, and illustrates the intolerance of extremists on both sides. It was the news that San Francisco has banned Junior ROTC from their schools, denying those who want to participate in this marvelous program the opportunity to do so.

This decade will be known as the purity wars. Liberals want purity by banning Boy Scouts, JROTC, religious symbols etc. The far right wants purity in illegal immigration, Arab/muslims, the conservative ideaology. And Al Qaeda wants purity of Islamo fascism….

Where do those of us who want tolerance and diversity go now? As I posted earlier, sanctity of life is not just a right to live. But a right to live out your life, express your life, be an individual. All these forces to tamp down dissent are sickening. Has partisanship consumed our society this much?

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  1. Liberal Anti-Military Bias…

    support the banning of the ROTC will be the first in line to cry out when their city gets hit with a terrorist attack and ask where THEIR protection is.
    Our answer to them then should be: you didn’t want it. Protect yourselves.
    When they say “It i…

  2. stevevvs says:

    I’ve posed several questions to you. Yet I don’t recall you answering 90% of them.

    I’ve tried to pass on the knowledge I’ve obtained thru my average of two hours per day, 7 days per week adventure of putting together my daily Invasion News that I send to friends who, like myself, are interested in this topic.

    I have tried to keep it friendly, and at times it’s hard. But I must say a few things. First, I only post at blogs on subject that I have thouroughly researched. I enjoy your blog, as well as others, but I rairly post on any topic I think other posters have far superior knowledge of the topic under discussion. For instance: I think those posters over at Just One Minute are brilliant on the Wilson/Libby/Plame affair. The only thing I have ever posted there was comments saying you guys are great, and that I though Clarice Feldman should write a book. I did not add my two cents because they are far more informed than I. I’ve posted at MacsMind in simillar fashion. He know more than I so I just said, Mac, keep up the good work.

    Then there is you. I think you are a very smart man. You do some great investigative blogging that I often pass on to others. But on Illegal Aliens, you remind me of the Global Warming Alarmist. It’s a Religion to them, and their minds are closed to any evidence that refutes their claims. Unfortunatly, I think on this topic, you too, are of a Religious Cult Mindset.

    You seem to avoid anything that would upset you view on this. I kind of bothers me in this respect. I read nearly everything on this issue, pro/con, etc. The only Illegal Alien book that I’m awair of that I have not baught yet to read is Mexifornia, by V.D. Hanson, but I will.

    But I must say with all honesty, I don’t see how your knowledge base could be larger than mine on this issue. You work full time, Blog daily, reply to people, have a family, etc. I just don’t see where you could have more time than I to study this issue. I work full time, am single, and don’t have the burden of writting a blog everyday, and respond to posters. This is not ment as a put down in any way, just an objective view.

    But anytime I’m challeged by yourself, I try to provide evidence to what you poo poo.

    Enforcement Guy, Retired05, and myself are not bad people. We are not “Fence Only” either. I think we have just allowed are selves more exposure to all aspects of this issue. Our minds are not closed. I realize that many of these Illegal Aliens are fine people. But we are still, I hope, a nation of laws. They broke them, consciously. You stated previously they just made a “Mistake”, as though, one day they were just wandering near the border and, woops! accidentaly crossed it, and could not find their way back. They made a conscious decision to break our laws, and settle here Illegally, it was no mistake.

    I think by letting them stay here without being sent back only encourages more of the same from their friends and family back home. There has to be consequenses that resinate to the next wave that says, DON’T TRY IT!

    I understand that they come to escape rampent povery, crime, communism, etc. I don’t blame them at all. But I think what would be best for everyone involved would be for them to stay in their home countries, fight for change, and at the same time, if they desire, try to get us to except them legally. By them Border Hopping, they are sending BILLION back home and that just exaserbates the problem. It props up bad Governments!

    I work with a large group of Legal Vietnamies Immigrant. They ALL send money back home to their families. I completely understand them wanting to help their impoverished families back home. But at the same time, it makes their families complacent when it comes to CHANGING THEIR HORRIBLE GOVERNMENTS. By continuing to subsidise their families actually exaserbates the problem. The same can be said of those comming here illegally. Mexico alone is taking in around 24 Billion per year.

    You aught to look at Mexico’s Immigration Laws. They are far different than ours.

    And to Vote in their elections, you have to have a Photo ID with their fingerprint. We need the same here, after determining their status.

    If you immigrate to Mexico, you can never vote in their election. If you are poor, forgetaboutit! You cant Immigrate.

    I am no fan of Pat Buchanan on most issues. I think he is a bit wierd and nuts. But, I decided, what the heck, I’ll buy his book State of Emergency and see what I think. I was shocked at how well thought out and well written it was. It’s now one of my favorites. It truely is an American Immigration History Lesson, bot legal and Illegal. But see, I did not pre judge him, I gave him a chance, and I’m better for that. You and other put down him, Malkin, Tancredo, Hayworth and others. My guess is none of those putting them down have ever read their books. It reminds me of those who have made up their minds about Rush Limbaugh and others without actual having listened to them. Millions like that are out there.

    That’s all I have to say.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I am not here to be at your beckon call. You have made no progress in changing my mind about immigration. None. If you are reading Buchanan then you are a lost cause.

  4. stevevvs says:

    I know I’ve made no progress. Thank You for proving my point. Instead of thinking, gee, maybe these guys ( Steve, Enforcement, retired, etc.) might know something I did not know, you just refuse to expand your learning. You have every right to do so.

    After watching Pastor John Haggee a couple months ago, and his plugging “Obsession”, I decided to buy it. It opened my eyes, and sense then I also send out my Daily Jihad news. I only mention this because, once again, I see you upset with Michelle Malkin. I read that at her blog earlier and thru my studies on that topic, I too, happen to agree with her. But 4 months ago, without the knowledge I now have on Islam, I would have had your reaction.

    I must go to work. All I can add is do a little more research, she is no extremist.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    retired spook, I would like that info, but I can’t crack that code to email you. Do you need me to just list a temp email address?

  6. AJStrata says:

    FE – Spook,

    If you want I can connect you two via email.

  7. Retired Spook says:

    If you want I can connect you two via email.

    Thanks, AJ, that would be great. I really hate to waste your bandwidth on something that is probably only of interest to 2 old navy farts. I can copy you if you’d like. It is pretty humorous.

    FE, it is just a simple 1 off slide cypher. If it’s any consolation, a retired AF spook on another blog had trouble with it too.

  8. AJStrata says:

    FE and Spook,

    You both should be getting an email soon.

  9. Ken says:


    The longer America conducts an interminable “war on terror”
    while postponing its reckoning on the Hispanic invasion, the
    more “torn up” this country will be.