Nov 10 2006

Al Qaeda Sets Sights On EU

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Al Qaeda believes they have won a great victory with the election of the Democrats – who promised to flee Iraq. With the pending retreat seemingly a done deal (in their minds at least) they have set their eyes on the next target: The EU:

Intelligence agencies have been warned that al Qaeda may be planning to attack air and rail travel in Europe in actions that may occur during the busy holiday travel season, CBS News has learned exclusively for a report to air on tonight’s CBS Evening News.

In separate interviews with Arab and other intelligence sources, CBS News has been told that the warnings come from interrogations of al Qaeda suspects who recently left Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“One suspect said plans for repeating the Heathrow attempt (a reference to the failed ‘liquid bomb’ plot interrupted in August) were all prepared. It is now a matter of taking action,” said one Arab official who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media. “Al Qaeda’s strategy appears to be raising the pressure in Europe.”

Al Qaeda needs to send a message to the Dems here in the US to not rethink their surrender plans. They don’t want the Dems to change their minds. And the Dems seem more than willing to go along, since they are focused on investigating Bush in a pathetic attempt at payback.

Dems, you now control Congress. Tell us your plans to protect Europe and the US and win in Iraq. Please tell us your plans. Please tell us YOU HAVE a plan. Please tell us the conservative blogs, like this one, were absolutely wrong about you and the terrorists. Please…..

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14 Responses to “Al Qaeda Sets Sights On EU”

  1. Good Captain says:

    And make them lie about having any plans of defense?

  2. Ken says:

    Strata, do you want the Democrats to ignore the public’s
    estrangement from the corrupt ineptitude of the Bush
    Administration.aspects of which INCREASED the terror
    threat from al Qaeda?

    Well, since you also demand the Democrats tell you their plans for
    “protecting Europe” we see your priorities are out of whack
    going in.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    Hey Hey Hey Ken
    What’s this?
    “corrupt ineptitude of the Bush

    What? didn’t you just say it is the country that is guilty, not the administration. Be consistent

    You must’ve had a talk with Noam today.

    It’s all America’s fault, right?

  4. For Enforcement says:

    But AJ, Ken just assured us that EU will never want America’s help anymore. They are big boys that can stand on their own.

  5. Dorf77 says:

    AJ Thanks for the Access to the folks like Ken. I will not chase the socialists thru their maize on the net . I believe that I have better things to do in this life like basic target practice. I am not as good as I would as I want to be with a pistol but with a rifle … It works….


  6. lurker9876 says:

    Terrorism had been increasing since Jimmy Carter.

    Now that the dems have the majority, it’s going to increase even more.

  7. Kaz-Man says:

    The terrorists are getting bold. The dude actually said he wanted to blow up the White House. Now, that is something even Waxman and Rangell will have a hard time ignoring. I wonder what kind of interrogation techniques yielded this bit of intellegence.
    Let the House investigate. Let the Germans charge Rumsfeld. Let the American people decide who is serious about protecting this country. The next two years are going to be very interesting. I have a feeling the Baker recommendations, while eagerly awaited, will be obsolete the day they come out. This war has entered a new phase.

  8. For Enforcement says:

    Kaz Man, Ken said this little ditty:

    The “White House” threat in context was a transparent goad,
    saying you better leave Iraq or we will come get you there.
    Just as Germany was no threat to conquer America

    The terrorists didn’t MEAN it, they are just goading America.

    But seriously, they just openly announced it on TV didn’t need any intelligence.

  9. the good doctor says:

    All major EU cities are full of muslims and radical one no less. The day they decide to rise (which I think it will be soon) there is going be blood everywhere. They laughed at the US for our immigration requirements and they allowed everyone to come in.Now they have all these muslims in ghettos in the middle of all European capitals, from Oslo all the way down to Milan.
    All this islamo-fascist movement started in France where the Ayatollah Khomeni was in exile. Then Carter didn’t help the Sha of Iran and his goverment failed. The fascist took over Iran and thus the first radical islamic republic. That’ the birthplace of today’s terrorist movement. See how Iran still controls all the terrorism in Iraq,Afganistan,Lebanonand sorounding countries. They may train in Pakistan and Afganistan but the money comes from Iran.

  10. kathie says:

    Don’t forget Kosovo, it is filled with Russian Mafia and all other unsavoury types, armed and ready to go.

  11. Ken says:

    Europe has a Moslem immigrant problem due largely to proximate
    geography,as there is not much difference in attitudes
    there than here, where we have a burgeoning Latino immigrant
    problem, to combine with the inner city black crime problem.

    The indoctrinated posters on this site are busy fiddling
    nervously about Europe’s ethnic problems while all their
    attention is needed to deal with our burning concerns in the
    same area.

    For Enforcement attempts to distract from his personal
    added culpability in Bush misdeeds ,the degree of which depends on how much he has supported the corrupt and inept.

  12. Are We Safer Yet?…

    WOW, it has been a hell of a week, hasn’t it? We have managed to make the all the terrorists celebrate by giving them what they wanted. We have managed to tell them we will give them Iraq unconditionally. We have managed to offend and demoralize our ….

  13. Barbara says:

    Anyone with a thought in their heads could see this coming. Only the left with their blinders failed to grasp it. No, the left here and in Europe were too busy griping about this administration and accusing them of being warmongers. And I no longer exempt England from this fallacy. Weren’t they the ones who denegated Blair for joining us in the war? Weren’t they ones who voted us the most dangerous country in the world? Well, screw them. We came to their aid twice before at great cost to ourselves and that should be enough for anybody. Does anyone think that if we bailed Europe out they wouldn’t turn on us again? They have closed their eyes to the problem and really caused it themselves by letting these people in to overrun their countries. They let the jihadists preach their venom on public streets and do nothing about it in the name of freedom of speech. They allow people dressed as suicide bombers to roam the streets and do nothing about that either. And we are no better. We allow wahabist imans to come to this country to preach. We have wahabist schools and mosques. We have CAIR. If we don’t wake up and abolish all this and PC we are doomed. No one, no citizen should be allowed to call for the destruction of this country. That used to be treason and it should still be.

  14. Ken says:


    The first PC that should be abolished is the ability to expose the Israeli control over our Mideast policy without being called anti-semitic.

    And you need, dear, to extricate European affairs and concerns
    with American affairs and concerns. Whatever their current and future challenges from Islam, foreign and domestic, they are
    not our concerns, nor are our challenges synonomous with