Nov 10 2006

The Turmoil Following The Storm

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Update: Here is more on Al Qaeda’s declaration of success and mobilization of 12,000 fighters now that Dems plan to retreat. [H/T Jim Lynch]

More here at CNN, with these chilling comments:

We haven’t had enough of your blood yet.”

“Come down to the battlefield, you coward,”

“The victory day has come faster than we expected,” he says. “Here is the Islamic nation in Iraq victorious against the tyrant. The enemy is incapable of fighting on and has no choice but to run away.”

Since these comments are clearly targetted to Murtha, Pelosi and Reid I believe they owe this nation a statement – right now.

– end update

As we try and sift through the essence of what the election was about, we run the risk of foreign entities totally misunderstanding the message and doing something precipitace. We begin with Iran claiming the Dem win was a victory for the Mad Mullahs (do they want Mad Murtha to join them?). I did not say this folks, they did. So don’t leave me comments I am the one making this up. Reality bites, and the reality is the dems and the media have no clue what they got themselves into. We can only hope they wake up and figure it out before it is too late.

Second we see the upshoot of an emboldened Islamo-fascist movement that wants the Dems to make good on their surrender plans (again, this is the impression the libs and dems left with the terrorists – don’t blame me for this stuff). Sadly for Europe, if a message needs to be sent to Pelosi and Reid to get a move on the retreat, it will be in the EU. Close enough to rattle our cage, but not an attack against us personally. I give the Dems until the end of the year before hell breaks lose. If there are no surrender plans (and there will not be of course), then things may get troublesome. I expect a warning shot at anytime. Remember, these people do not understand our process – and honestly they don’t care to understand. They want us retreating.

Finally, we know the Dems will not stick their necks out for Israel. In fact the liberal base would not be all that upset if Israel disappeared from the map. Which means the balance of the equation in Israel is now being adjusted. Without a strong American backing of Israel clearly indicated to her enemies, her enemies are now rethinking their strategies. So must Israel. These are the consequences the liberal media shut down in terms of a national debate. They did not see this election has having any serious consequences internationally. They had their rose colored blinders on.

As much as the dems and libs do not want to admit it, we were in a stable holding patter because we were applying pressure to the ME. Think of it as a turnacut as we worked to stabilize the patient. The elections may not actually have released the turnacut yet, but some may think they did and start making their moves now. Al Qaeda, as expected, sees America in retreat. The Dems purged one of those the terrorists most feared. And now Al Qaeda is challenging us to stay on the battlefield in Iraq. Upon the news of Democrat success, Al Qaesa has apparently mobilized 12,000 fighters in Iraq. They are not there to give us a fond farewell. They are coming to force the Dems to honor their pledge to surrender Iraq to them – as the dems promised.

I do not think these thugs have the understanding or patience to wait until the new Congress is sworn in. And I doubt they will reduce the pressure on Pelosi and Reid to give them time to think about this matter. That is not how these people think. We can see that the ME is interpretting the elections in the worst possible way, and there will be results. Possibly very horrific results.

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  1. Iraq Al Qaeda Chief Says Democrat Victory A Step In Right Direction…

    If the ACLU saying Rumsfeld’s resignation was a step in the right direction was not enough for some people to realize it was a step in the wrong direction…maybe the words of Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq can enlighten them.
    A purported…

  2. MerryJ1 says:

    Lots of good calls in there, AJ, but one caveat: Some were not wearing “rose colored glasses,” they were wearing banker’s shades. Shadowy figures such as George Soros knew exactly what they were funding, and it was not just the destruction of George W. and his Administration, it was and is the total destruction of the USA. He, and they, picked their useful idiots wisely.

    And Tommy Franks has it exactly right about where the full responsibility rests. That’s all of us, guys, as much on the right as on the left.

  3. Carol J says:

    AJ and all,

    It’s starting. The thing we have been fighting against happening since 9/11 indeed may happen again if we are not united in defeating it.

    I have a bad feeling about this.


  4. AJStrata says:


    I think you will note I said ‘rose colored blinders’ – just to emphasize your point!

  5. kathie says:

    I have a bad feeling too because they wouldn’t have spoken about it if it wasn’t really bad and it didn’t involve a lot of other countries.

  6. Who Said This?…


  7. Steve_LA says:


    Rudyard Kipling said it best.


    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;”

    The chore for the new Republican minority is to be the adults in congress, to take principled stances against the outrages of the Left with a point by point, issue by issue objection followed with good strong Republican ideas, not slogans and rhetorical claptrap.

    Time to once again show the American public why Republicans are better at governing than Democrats. Forget old slogans of the past like, “It’s the war stupid”, or “It’s the economy”.

    Try this one on for size.

    “It’s not a defeat, it’s an opportunity. “

  8. Our Enemies Celebrate Their Unwitting Allies – The Democrats…

    Is that too harsh for some of you? Is that too mean to say – that the Democrats are unwitting allies of our enemies around the globe? It’s the truth! The Democrats have every intention of undermining the War on Terror – far more than they have…

  9. trentk269 says:

    The war waged by Islamofascists against the West is not over, regardless of what the Dems think or what American voters think. In the coming weeks and months this will become abundantly clear.

    What disturbs me is the same today as before last Tuesday- I think that our country (government included) is trying to sleepwalk through this mess, and things are much worse than we imagine them to be. I hope that I’m completely wrong about this, but I’m fearful that we’re going to lose one or more U.S. cities before we wake up to this threat.

    North Korea apparently has a workable nuclear capability(albeit with some kinks), and Iran is not far behind. Who can say with confidence that Pakistan will be our ally 5 years hence? Folks, if Al Qaeda can get one bomb from these sources, they can get half a dozen.

    I’ll leave it as an excercise for the reader what will happen if these fine fellows can smuggle 6 nuclear bombs into this country.

  10. dgf says:

    Reality bites, and the reality is the dems and the media have no clue what they got themselves into.

    Yo, AJ. Doncha know more than one song? “[T]he dems and the media” ? On Tuesday more than a few Republicans and Independents showed their patience to be at an end with the failed policies, the incompetence, the lies and corruption of the Bush Administration and the cuckolded Congress.

  11. al-Qaeda Reacts and Democrats Lie to the Voters…

    Anyone else have a very bad feeling about now? That pit in your stomach that tells you that an attack on American soil is imminent? The enemy feels braver and stronger now and we did that for them. Only in America can we protest our own administratio…..

  12. Fear The Democrats!…

    I mean really, doesn’t this just show the world how utterly dangerous the liberal left is? When Al-Qaeda and Iran back’s the Democrats, and they win, we all should be very afraid.

    Bookmark to:

  13. kathie says:

    This is the deal. There is not one Islamic nation that will side with the West when push comes to shove, they already have nukes, Pakestan. And they are on the march. Look at Somalia and who is supporting them, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, etc. The war is coming. My fear is that Israel is first. We better have learned something in Iraqi because we will need all the tactics at our disposal.

  14. prolepsis / analepsis…

    Let's see: a timeline for troop drawdown is announced, and the non-existent al-Qaeda forces in secular Iraq cheer a Democrat victory in Congress, brand us as retreating cowards, and announce plans to bring back the Caliphate while blowing …

  15. Limerick says:


    Yes the scariest place on the planet right now is Tel Avi. I fear that the Iranians do not understand that faced with destruction Israel will use its nukes. They believe they can strike Israel and remove the command and control. They can’t. They could take out one or two of the 5 Israeli subs carrying nukes but not all. Those fail-safe orders on board those subs will be used. Then it is god help us all. Faced with total destruction the Israeli’s will not go quietly into the night. I don’t blame them either. I’d do everything in my power to take my murderer down with me. Times be scary. Lets hope we can wake the Iranians up before it is too late.

  16. Ken says:

    Did Strata say something about WMDs being snuck in?
    Yeah, AJ, probably with one of those guest workers you approve of….

    Pelosi has already pledged complete fealty to Israel. Would that it were otherwise, but America will probably have to suffer more
    solid punches to its solar plexus before the Zionist Lobby’s
    grip is loosened on Congress.

    But to show I’m not meanspirited about these matters, Strata,
    why are you oblivious to the Palestinian suffering which was pointed out by the Iranian leader, in the form of the civilian carnage including children of the past few days? Shoot, why the oblivion towards it throughout the entire run of your site? (I would love to be directed to posts showing otherwise, indicating a speck of neutrality in this matter.)

    Oh, yes, the point about not being meanspirited….One must
    offer positive peaceful solutions to show equanimity rather than merely complain. The solution to Iran’s impending arming
    (which Limerick exagerrates grossly as per the time required)
    is to disarm Israel’s nukes. Israel brought nukes to the Mideast
    and the ….chutzpah..of those who infer only it should have them
    is ludicrous.

  17. PMII says:

    The only thing we can do is to send a democratic delegation of the new folks in charge ( the smart ones) to Iraq immediately to surrender. Since this is such a big event, they need to take all the MSM w/ them.

  18. Limerick says:

    Ken you are a genius!…..I just sent an e-mail to the Israeli embassy to name the first nuke ‘Chutzpah!’…..It is perfect. Thanks

  19. Welcoming the Democrat Victory…

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