Nov 09 2006

Did I Mention War Crimes?

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The man who pulled people from a burning building is going to be charged with War Crimes. Will a Dem Congress defend this good man?

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Now that the Dems are in charge, do we start blaming things on them now?

    Looks like stock market going down today, that’s one of the things the wanted wasn’t it. Change economy. Stocks getting too high? get them back down.

    Are we still in Iraq? I thought they were gonna get us out? What’s taking so long?

    I’m partially kidding of course

  2. Bill in AZ says:

    Why would the dems in congress defend Rumsfeld? Republican defenders of Rumsfeld, or Bush for that matter, were few and far between for the last couple of years for fear of the one party media.

  3. Ken says:

    Right Bill, boob Boehner just blamed the generals for the quagmire.

  4. The Macker says:

    Rumsfeld is a great and brilliant American.

    • His forces liberated Afghanistan, despite dire predictions.

    • His forces captured Bahgdad in a military speed record. Remember “Fortress Bahgdad?”

    • He modernized the military, to give it a smaller footprint, despite old guard opposition.

    • His “military intelligence Dept” remained uncorrupted.

    • His difficulties, I think, are attributable to conniving and poor information by State and CIA .

    • He earned a rest, and he must know his departure had nothing to do with competence.

  5. momdear1 says:

    If the military intelligence agency is working it is the only one. All Federal agencies, including CIA , FBI, State Dept, Defense Dept. and all other federal agencies are under the control of Cintonistas who were embedded in critical Civil Serivce jobs when Algore “reinvented government” shortly after Bill Clinton took over in 1993. Remember? They “bought out” with huge bonus incentives and early retirement benefits, old time career civil servants who were near retirement, and replaced them with Clintonistas. These people cannot be fired and sit at critical desks where they can deep six anything that doesn’t meet with their agenda. They are responsible for the unfavorable “reports” coming out of federal agencies which have been leaked to the press. They are willing to sacrifice anything, including the security of the country to destroy George Bush and the Republican Party so they can assume their 50+ years of power which was broken in 1994. No Republican President or Congress will be able to do anything without overcoming this overwhelming opposition for the next 50 years. Unless a way is found to cleanse all government agencies of these political partisans we can count on opposition to anything pro American, Pro Christian, and pro anything but rewarding the party faithful and buying votes, including federal funding to 501Cc)(3)’s like ACORN, which has received millions in federal grants, and Louis Farakan’s Nation of Islam, which received over $6 million in one year from Donna Shelala’s HUD to provide “security” and “self esteem” classes in public housing projects.

    Anyone who has any ideas on how to rid our government agencies of these traitors whould come forward now.

  6. Barbara says:

    Whatever made the Germans think they can try any American citizen for a “crime” not committed in Germany? Where do these people get off? And they are supposed to be our allies? I hope our country will never agree to international courts, but with the dems in charge who knows. All this is so remarkably self serving on the Germans’ part. They didn’t want us to go to war in Iraq because of the Oil for Food money they were getting so this is their revenge. With friends like these………….