Nov 09 2006

Steele For RNC Chairman (And President)

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We need to keep Michael Steele involved and successful in politics. He ran the best campaign. I actually found myself looking for his commercials and not flipping a channel to just watch his. He is brilliant. And I invite him to move to VA and run for the Senate here. But if RNC Chair is the only other option we have for now, then fine. We need Steele to be in position for something grand and bold in 2008. I had dismissed Allen and Warner a while back as poor Presidential candidates. And I have been trying to find someone who will break the mold (and mildew) around Republican politics and give the party a new, invigorating leader. We all had hopes for Condi Rice – but she seems adament about not going into the political arena.

I am not playing the race card here – though it would seem so. But Rice and Steele are just both so damn smart and engaging. They represent the American dream of success against the odds, fighting the negatives in our culture that existed, proving the fight against racism was well worth the effort (and deaths).

So yes, I tend to find more of an intriguing story in Steele than I do for others who have been rattling around national and DC politics. This election showed Dems taking on the conservative mantle and winning. Reps don’t need to become liberals to win – but the Reps do need to move back towards common ground to win. And Steele is the essence of that move. He wants conservative policies to lift all boats. And he wants to help change the image (self image and that from the outside) of the black American in this country. A worthy cause for sure. So I am here to support Steele for RNC Chairman – and I hope for a Presidential run in 2008. That is a winning adjustment.

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  1. Linda says:

    I agree. I would support Steele for whatever role he chooses in the Republican party. The state of Maryland is the loser in this deal. How could they do this?

  2. ama055131 says:

    AJ I usually agree with you on most ideas but on this oneI disagree.
    RNC chair needs someone who knows all districts across the U.S.A.
    my feeeling Newt would be the man.
    As far as Pres. he would need a mentor 1st. Veep would be the 1st place he should start then in 2o12 go get them Mr. S.teel

  3. Steve_LA says:


    Well now, maybe Steele for a high level cabinet job if one comes open in the last two years of the Bush administration, get some national experience for him. Then when a new Republican administration comes into office in ’08, he will be ready for a bigger job.

    But I do like the man’s fire in the belly, heck of a strong character with Mr. Steele!

  4. Carol J says:

    We can’t lose a good man like Michael Steele! What ever he chooses to do next is up to him, but I think any potential Presidential candidate for ’08 would have to be crazy not to at least consider him for a cabinet post or other position in the next REPUBLICAN administration! Guiliani and Steele? Hmmm…


  5. Jacqui says:


    I think Steele would be great as the chair.

  6. Limerick says:

    Love Steele. Don’t know if RNChair is the right spot. He knows the politics but he needs more foreign policy experience so he can compete with McCain in 08. Maybe a high profile ambassadorship? Cabinet? Let Gates take him under his wing?

    Condi will never run. Too bad. Tancredo way out on the fringe and more likey to turn 08 into 06squared. Romney?…….something about that guy…..Hollywood?.

  7. AJStrata says:


    I hate to say this, but I am sick of Newt. And if I am, then most everybody outside the Rep party is as well. We need knew blood and a lot less ‘purity’.

  8. ama055131 says:

    AJ I wont dispute you on this one I did throw Newt out there because he knew evey district and still does, but saying this anyone who has the balls and knows the districts in the USA would be fine for me.

  9. yipster says:

    I agree with Steve_LA, the President should appoint Steele into the cabinet or upper government post for two years of exposure. The main point of new blood and keeping Mr. Steele busy is right on. He is outstanding and Maryland is the worse for his defeat. The country at large may benefit; I sincerely hope so!

  10. Christoph says:

    What the heck do you base a Steele presidency on?

    One day, sure, but shouldn’t he be coming off a victory before moving into the White House?

    Speaking a good game is great, but he’s young. I’d like to see him accomplish more first.

  11. Mike M. says:

    Hmm…I’m not sure that Steele is the kind of tactician needed at the RNC. I’d prefer Karl Rove there, precisely because he IS that sort of political-machine-oriented tactician.

    That being said, Steele ran well in a harsh environment, and needs to be kept ready for a probable shot at MD governor in ’10.

    President? I concur that we need to go outside the box. I think Newt would be a fantastic President, but he’s got a lot of problems that would make his chances of getting into the Oval Office poor. A fresh new face would do a lot better.

  12. The Macker says:

    I, too, share your enthusiasm for Steele.