Nov 09 2006

Investigate And Impeach

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The Dems now own Iraq and a lot of other issues. They have the Congress. And what will they do? Investigate and Impeach. Impeach, impeach, impeach. It’s what Dem voters wanted. But we will NOT be investigating communications between Al Qaeda leaders and people here in the US. That is now ‘off the table’.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    They can impeach but it takes a 66% majority of the Senate to convict. Never happen.

    I like This article I found linked to from RCP.

  2. AJStrata says:

    They don’t need to evict him, just slow roast him.

  3. crosspatch says:

    See, the thing is that you can not impeach because you don’t like someone. There has to be a criminal charge that he broke a law. With Clinton I believe they were perjury under oath and obstruction of justice. Many people mistakenly believe that impeachment of a president is an act of removal simply by a vote, for example to remove someone who is extremely unpopular. They don’t realize that it is a criminal trial, not a popularity contest.

    San Francisco voted a non-binding resolution for the impeachment of Bush but as far as I know didn’t specify any charges. Many think it is a “lets vote him out because we hate him” kind of deal.

  4. Jacqui says:

    I know the nutters will want to impeach and investigate to their hearts content but the Clintons have plans and Bill knows revenge is a dish best served cold. In their mind, Hillary in the White House with a Dem controlled Congress would be the ultimate “pay-back” and they won’t let anyone put that at risk.

    Besides, they only have a 13-14 seat advantage in the House and one seat in the Senate – they are not veto proof and they will not be able to get anything done without the Reps and the last thing they need is a do nothing Congress tag before 2008. If they misplay their had and misread their win it will be to the Reps advantage .

    I only pray we don’t get attacked by the terrorists in the interim.

  5. Terrye says:

    It will not be that easy to do this however. For one thing there are a lot of new people voted it in and they ran on conservative principles and are not interested in this nonsense. For another it takes a two thirds to do any real damage and they don’t have it.

    I think they will do themselves very much nearly as much harm as Bush if they try this. It will come back on them. Just like it came back on the Republicans when they spent their time and energy impeaching Clinton rather than doing what the people put them there to do. If I remember correctly they lost an election in the House then too.

  6. ama055131 says:

    YesterdayI posted this statement.
    THE DEMS WIN WAS NOT A MANDATE. If we look at the state ballot referrendums
    1 many states man and woman define marriage.
    2 AZ english is the official language
    3 CA OF ALL STATES no new tax on oil companies
    4 Kelo down in flames (sorry old supreme court members)
    5 The % of DEM pickups were conservitive Dems at over 90%
    I think until we purge our party of these corrupt and power hungry
    assholes and go back to Pres. Reagans ideals of talking to the people
    and letting them know that gop stands for natl. security, tax cuts for a great economy and our party has one big tent and social issues will
    be debated with all sides will being heard. If we dont we will lose until
    we become the party of irrevalence.

  7. lurker9876 says:

    I hope that they will start the impeachment process. Why? Because it will backfire on them. It just positions the Conservative Republicans for 2008.

    It doesn’t look like there will be much done next year. Then the primary focus in 2008 is the presidential elections. So the democrats only have one year to make fools of themselves.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    Terrye, they still have the subpoena power so certain committees will spend their time investigating numerous people. Pentagon, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush will be the main targets. Their time will be taken away answering their questions. These left-wing democrats will go out of their way to destroy the legacy of the Bush administration before Bush leaves the office.

  9. rabbit162 says:

    When I joined the Sierra Club and the Wilderness Society back in the 1950’s, most of their members were Republicans, committed to the protection of America’s landscapes and natural resources. Some were even to the right of me (John Birch Society). Did you ever notice that the words “Conservation” and “Conservative” are the same except for the last 2 letters? Are these people all dead? If there was ever a bi-partisan issue, protection of the environment is it!

  10. Limerick says:

    They will try. All those ‘conservative Democrats’ are marginalize because they have no senority and will have no chairmanships.

    AJ said ‘slow roasting’…..exactly what they will do. They will be the slow cooker and let the press turn it all into a Jerry Springer show for the world to laugh at us…..just to teach conservatives a lesson.

    The far left is in firm control of the middle road Dems. It is going to be ugly.

  11. Carol J says:

    I don’t know HOW many times I have argued with my husband about this. He seems to think (like alot of people) that it won’t happen or if it does they will:

    1. Make fools of themselves (they’ve already done that and don’t care!)
    2. Need a two-thirds majority – 66% to convict (but they don’t need any majority at all to hound the President ad nauseum)
    3. Not EVERY democrat just elected has it out for Bush (when they were just ELECTED on that very platform!)
    4. That SOMEBODY will stop them! (puhleeze!)
    5. That all the Republicans will circle the wagons around Bush. (you mean the ones that just got voted out?)

    Depressing. Look…this whole thing about what they’ve been doing for the past five years, is to harrass and implicate. They don’t NEED proof! Proof is for those who are in a court of law. They’re not counting on that. The only “court” they are interested in is the “court of world opinion”. The UN is sacred to these people and they will not give up the idea that the world would be a better place if we all were ruled by one government. The Democrats will not be able to help themselves and they certainly will NOT consider the good of the country when it comes time to “punish” this President. The clock is ticking, the insane asylum that is Congress is about to destroy itself and us, and all in the name of REVENGE…AGAIN! Been there you say with the Republican’s “impeachment” of Clinton? ONE BIG DIFFERENCE. We were not in the middle of a HOT war with the existance of our country on the line.

    And the chilling thing is…I don’t think they give a damn! Welcome to the new world.


  12. Limerick says:

    Carol: just look at the Pelosi interviews yesterday. It is the air of ‘I get the set the ajenda or we will come after you’…..well they are going to come anyway.

    Her own words yesterday ‘This is not a war to be won. It is a problem to be solved.”………….you cannot read this any other way then that the leadership of Congress is delusional about terrorism.

  13. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: your link to the article about killing the surveillance has been my number one fear; I truly FEAR this evil, traitorous Democratic Party….

  14. For Enforcement says:

    What is the MAIN reason they will not attempt to impeach?
    Dick Cheney.

    If they did and Cheney were the new president, he would be eligible for 2 full terms on his own. Hillary can’t afford to wait 8 more years to get elected. So, that’s an insurance policy.
    Cheney may be unpopular with the Dems, but he is real popular with Repubs.

    No, they will just try to make Pres Bush’s life hell.

  15. lurker9876 says:

    DaleinAtlanta, let them destroy the surveillance program. Why? Because they will be blamed on the next 9/11. The conservative bloggers will make sure that the public is fully aware that it’s the democrats that reversed all of that. That’s why Bush said yesterday that the democrats now have new responsibilities.

    Bush knows that the democrats will make his life hell. He only has to deal with it for two more years, then he’s retired from political life.

    Now Ranger wants Cheney’s offices.

  16. wiley says:

    There’s another difference b/w Clinton impeachment & Bush — Clinton was guilty of lying, obstructing and perjury. I believed he deserved impeachment, but also am OK with the outcome that he was not convicted. Although it was shameful how his team trashed some really outstanding people like Ken Starr, and of course his victims.
    I think & hope the country would not stand a revengeful and groundless impeachment. If it goes that far, I think it will come back to haunt them in 2008.