Nov 08 2006

Dems Take Senate

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OK, give them their due. And now we have the results. Higher taxes, giving Iraq to Al Qaeda, and pretending thre is no war on terror – just America causing problems.

I am not even a Rep and I can see the pending disaster. How is it Reps let Foley’s seat go? How is it Reps let Delay’s seat go? Dems had a plan to win and Reps let Maccaca stop them. And people wonder why I stay away from registering Republican? Right. Bush will pull a plan together and it is time to rally around him and give us a path forward. Don’t make any mistakes. We let Bush down – he (and Rumsfeld) never let us down. Pull yourself together. Al Qaeda is also dancing in the streets. And we let it happen.

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  1. DubiousD says:

    Oh, yeah, and Keller and the NYTimes. How could I have forgotten THEM?

  2. bopbottle says:

    I want to thank AJ for being a place I could alaways go to for a little optimism. The results aren’t what we hoped for, but 2008 is only 2 years. Many of the Dems elected are conservatives. I am very disappointed tonight, but tomorrow I will put a smile on. I hope the Republican party will return to its fiscally conservative roots and spend less time on Terry Schiavo business. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We lost our direction. I think “Speaker Pelosi” is a long shot. These new Dems come from conservative districts that won’t be happy with their new representative voting for Pelosi. We have work to do and I, for one, am not going to sit around licking my wounds.

  3. Terrye says:

    Folks, this is how it works. Sometimes you win, sometimes the other guy wins.

    A great many of the people who won tonight are moderates, like Lieberman and like Ellsworth here in Indiana is supposed to be. They are not the raving loons. We will have to wait and see what happens. One thing is for sure we can try again in two more years.

  4. Retired Spook says:

    Terrye is absolutely right. Many of the Dem challengers who won are moderate to even borderline conservative, so, in essence, the only way Democrats were able to win was by acting like Republicans. The losses in both houses were at or below historical averages for the midpoint of a 2-term President’s 2nd term, so the Left’s prediction of a blue tsunami failed to materialize. Although Pelosi may end up as Speaker (I wouldn’t even bet the farm on that), this was not a victory for Liberalism. Two years is not that far away, and, at my age, that time will go quickly. A few of you can probably relate — the older you get the faster the hands on the clock spin.

    One of the bright spots of this election is the fact that that rat bastard RINO Lincoln Chaffe is gone. Locally, my conservative Indiana 3rd District Congressman, Mark Souder, withstood his most serious challenge to date but won every single county in his district. One of the biggest ironies is that Joe Lieberman may end up being the most powerful man in the Senate.

    I said a couple weeks ago that there was virtually no outcome in this election that would surprise me. I’ve just seen too many election cycles come and go to ever be shocked at the sometimes fickleness, sometimes wisdom of the American people. Had Republicans come out in the numbers that many of us were predicting, the results could have been different, but they didn’t, and they aren’t. I will join BOPBOTTLE in not sitting around licking my wounds.

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: I appreciated your enthusiasm, but you were taking a leak up a waterfall!

    My major regret, is that the reasons for this Democratic takeover, have been already, and will continue to be “spun” for the wrong reasons!

    It will be, incorrectly, viewed as a “mandate”, and a vote on Iraq!

    Nothing could be less true.

    Your average American isn’t happy about Iraq, and a lot of the things that have occurred there, but I think your “average” American “get’s it” about the GWOT and Iraq. At a minimum, they support the troops.

    I’m not talking about the Leftists, the Hollywood crowd, and the diehard Traitor Party moonbats, I’m talking about your average American!

    No, the REAL reason the Republican’s LOST, and the Republicans DID “lose” this, the Democrats did NOT “win” it, is that the Republicans worked REAL HARD TO “lose” this: Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Bob Ney, Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, Dubai Ports Deal, Harriet Myers, Entitlements, Earmarks, Dennis Hastert sticking up for Jefferson; Terry Schiavo; going TOO far on “abortion” in places like South Dakota; people like Rick Santorum being TOO religious; people like Curt Weldon steering business to his daughter (which Harry Reid, and Jack Murtha, were also doing….but it became viewed, as a “Republican” problem), etc., etc., etc…

    Their is blame to go around, the Bush Administration for failing to on a weekly basis, pound the message of the GWOT and what we actually face; letting the Leftist, traitorous MSM, like the NYT, conduct a campaign of sedition and treason, via the Leaks of Classified Material, and failing to go after the leakers; failing to come out and talk to the American people after three years of demonstrably FALSE “Plamegate” scandal, and telling them exactly what Joe Wilson, Corn, NYT, etc. did; failing to go after the partisan and traitorous leakers in the CIA; the complete stupidity of the Dubai Ports Deal, the complete idiocy of the Harriet Myers nomination; the absolute corruption of Bob Ney and Randy Cunningham and Jack Abramoff, and refusing to tackle that head on! The give away of the tax payer’s money with the completely bogus Prescription Drugs giveaway; failing to tackle Immigration etc.!

    Let me say it again, this was NOT a Democratic “win”; the Republicans worked very, very hard, to LOSE this, and portray themselves over the past 2 years, as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight!

    I spoke to many fellow voters down here in Atlanta, both Dem’s and Reps; and the Iraq War was hardly mentioned by anyone; it was always, always, always…..”…the Dem’s don’t deserve my vote, but the Rep’s are corrupt…”!

    And you know what, I can’t, and didn’t argue, because they worked hard to get that title!

    Never, in my personal opinion, in my adult life, has a particular party worked so hard, to completely lose the trust of the electorate, in such a short amount of time!

    I just hope, that’s there’s some “adults” left in the Republican party, who sit back now, and realize, the TRUE reason for this loss, and address the issues over the next two years!

    Despite the dire consequences of the traitor party temporarily controlling the House, and probably the Senate, we can get thru anything for 2 years!

    But Bush’s time is done, and it should be, he’s badly fumbled 6 years of goodwill from most of the country (outside the MSM, moonbats, Hollywood, etc.); and I’m NOT talking Iraq or GWOT; those are NECESSARY things, and we NEED to continue.

    I can see the big picture, and we need someone now, who can, at a National Level, articulate why, and who can convince the American people to carry on!

    Let the party of traitors, surrender their necks to the Jihadi butcher knives; I’m not so inclined; right now, the most important thing, is to isolate them, expose them for what they are, and try to EARN back the trust of the electorate by 2008!

  6. archtop says:

    I too am disappointed (to put it mildly :^) about last night. Not only did the Democrats win, but so did the liberal pundits, pollsters, and MSM. I suppose we should at least give people like Fred Barnes their due – he was predicting a defeat all along…

    Unlike Democrats, though, I heartily congratulate them on their victories and won’t be sqealing about “stolen elections” or “voter fraud” (unless there actually was some) or “Deibold machines” or .

    Nevertheless, I am, by nature, an optimist. That why I like this site and will continue to come here as the new congress begins it’s work.

    Also, remember that Ronald Reagan had a Democrat house and senate, and look what he accomplished! For example, I don’t believe that higher taxes are a done deal. The president would have veto power, and I think the more moderate Democrats may not toe the line (if they want their seats back in 2008). On other issues, such as funding the war, if they are perceived as hurting the troops and undermining the mission, they ** will** pay in 2008. So don’t be surprised though if they continue funding the war in 2007.

    There are many lessons I hope everyone takes away from this election. One is the intensity displayed by the Democrats. It is evident now that they simply wanted it more and got their vote out. We didn’t. End of story. The MSM running interference for them also helped tip the balance some, but perhaps not as much as people think. Then there are the blunders of Delay, Foley, and Ney, who by their own hands pretty much gave away three seats to the Democrats. There were other gimmes as well. When you start a campaign already down by 10+ seats, it’s hard to build momentum to overcome the defecit.

    So now we look to 2008, and I for one plan to be fully engaged at a local level. In NH, we turned totally blue last night (lost both our US house members) and gave our state senate to the Democrats. Hello sales and/or income tax! My hope is that our governor will actually try to propose a sales/income tax, so we can gain a coalition of independents and republicans to take back our state house in 2008. That in turn could help Republicans regain the two lost house seats.

    Keep looking up everyone! Like a city after a hurricane, we can rebuild and be stronger than ever if we go about it the right way.

    Archtop “the optimist”

  7. the good doctor says:

    To DGF,
    Just read your comments….You know their is the Kos blog and I am pretty shure they ‘ll love to have you. We like this site because it spouses our convictions. Where we wrong ? Yes. Have we changed our ways of thinking ? No

  8. dgf says:

    {good doctor]Where [sic]we wrong ? Yes. Have we changed our ways of thinking ? No

    So sad. Primum non nocere. And, of course: Physician, heal thyself.

  9. the good doctor says:

    Why should we change our way of thinking? Maybe you should. Just because you loose an election you shouldn’t change your way of thinking. Winnin is not all…maybe for you? Convictions are deeply held . I know what my mine are. Do you know yours?

    You are sad. Hey Daily Kos is waiting. Get of your high horse and don’t lecture me.

  10. Ken says:

    Oh, yes, Bush let us down. He sold out the conservatives on immigration, no surprise from a big business , cheap labor loving plutocrat. He lied about non-existent WMDS and attacked an
    unthreatening country to seize their oil, if indirectly through a puppet and to protect Israel. Rumsfeld went along and exacerbated the theft with ineptitude: a high-tech ,no-win, too few troop war tack.

    Then again, more troops required a draft and that means Vietnam style era polaraization of the American street.

    The defeat in Iraq should bring America home to guard our borders
    and make us energy self sufficient and let Israel protect itself.

    The Baathists say if we prevent the killing of Hussein they will negotiate; if not, all bets are off. Al Qaeda only comprises 10%
    of the insurgency which the natives can take care of better than we.

    Strata needs it as straw-boogey man as did George. It didn’t work with the voters, boys, try another scare tactic.

  11. The Macker says:

    Is there some way you could differentiate for us what you believe from what you just “throw in?”