Nov 08 2006

Why Weren’t Conservatives More United?

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Conservatives need to assess one question: why weren’t we more united? We need to be very careful as we go forward and realize infighting makes us all losers. No blame being pushed (besides Frum and Kristol), but Hayworth’s and Santorum’s losses are huge. We took stands that exposed our rightward flanks. Let’s not make this mistake again (we did this on Perot). And let’s dump our CW talking heads – we see their accomplishments (thanks Nancy/Rich/Tucker/Kristol). Ponder this seriously.

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8 Responses to “Why Weren’t Conservatives More United?”

  1. For Enforcement says:

    I think conservatives were united, I think there are too many faux conservatives.

  2. Limerick says:

    It will be interesting to look at the margin (in total) of the loss. How much in each of the lost races compared to the whole?….the MSM might be serving us crow, but it is a small one. The fence sitters were the problem, the ones who can’t see thru Olberman and believe that trans-fat causes global warming.

  3. Limerick says:

    geez………..there went missouri……………..

  4. jeff.olson says:

    BINGO! I canceled my subscription to NRO because of the Miers kerfuffle (and it was Frum that put me over the edge). Kristol kept me from subscribing to WS. Taking the childish if-I-can’t-win-then-no-one-will position will never be supported by me. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the guardians of the Conservative movement apparently believe that conservatism was. Blogs are a threat not to just the MSM, but to the guardians of the Conservative movement.

  5. crosspatch says:

    I wouldn’t say the problem is that the conservatives aren’t united. I say it wouldn’t matter if they were united with steel bolts through their butts if the independents don’t go along.

    Looking at this from an independent point of view:

    A. Overall, Republicans and Democrats are basically just as bad but in different ways.

    B. The Republicans messed up immigration and haven’t seem to really gotten a grip on Iraq so it is time to put the other team in for a while and see how it goes.

    C. If the other team messes stuff up, we can always put the Republicans back in ’08.

    Truth be told, the Democrats are going to have one heck of a time if they don’t manage to get things on a better track over the next two years. Two years from now Bush will be gone so they will not have that strawman to prop up in every race and Iraq will most likely be more settled in disposition one way or the other. Either the Iraqis will have a better grip themselves on the situation or it will be complete chaos. Either way they will have had almost 3 years to deal with the problem themselves and can then begin to start taking their share of the blame or credit for whatever is happening at that time.

    If the Democrats run against Rudy they won’t have any social arguments either. So it will be really easy for the independents, who are really the kingmakers in US politics, to pick the Republicans and put them back into power if the Democrats screw up the next two years. The way they can do themselves the most damage is by doing nothing. If they simply obstruct, they are toast. Bush can obstruct and probably get away with it. Congress can’t. The feeling is going to be “okay, so we gave you a mjority, now get out there and run with the ball and if you can’t move the ball, it’s time to give it to the other side”.

  6. djl130 says:

    I agree – The Corner at NRO, Michelle Malkin, Bill Kristol, Laura Ingrahm (at times) – spent an awful lot of time bashing Bush on immigration and judges and whatnot. It demoralized MEand I am a political junkie. I would rather live in a country with 20 million hispanic CATHOLICS (Christians, judea Christian ETHIC, got that? JUDEO/CHRISTIAN ETHIC) then have a bunch of democrats who are going to make it easier for the terrorists to talk on the phone NY to Afghanistan and prove to the world that we are a soft, pudgy couch potato who happens to have a military we are scarred to death of using. Go check the statisics on how many men were lost the first HOUR of D-day. We will never have another moment like this. Adios America – start preserving the buildings you want them to dig up 1000 years from now. Would it have been so hard to just say “Okay – let’s build a fence AND let the people who are here stay?” Fifteen years from now, their daughters will be cheerleaders at the high school. JUDEO/CHRISTIAN cheerleaders, non head covering cheerleaders, non burka wearing all American Cheerleaders with the surname Perez and Gonzalas. SO WHAT?! They aren’t cockroaches, THEY ARE PEOPLE. But No- Michelle Malkin had to BASH BASH BASH. How many people do you figure she turned off? How about NRO? So what Harriett Miers was a lightweight. SO WHAT. I want everyone to listen and listen well – this is the warm up for 2008. THE WARM UP. I live in NC and it feels very, very blue down here. I am in the closet because I have been ostracized by all my newly converted Democrat voting friends. Beware – all those conservatives who thought the Republicans needed to be taught a lesson – you will rue the day, RUE THE DAY…

  7. Ken says:

    DJL130 doesn’t know what he is talking about. Hispanics in large numbers will make the gringo second class citizens on the way to
    And if we bring Israel to heel and develop energy self sufficiency
    no Islamicists will have the animus to come here to retaliate for intervention in their part of the world.

  8. djl130 says:

    I am a she.