Nov 08 2006

Hardliners Go Down

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JD Hayworth, hardline on immigration, has lost. I like JD Hayworth, but the hardline right did push a lot of centrist conservatives (not me of course) away. This is why you don’t go beyond your real base – which is more than the far right. Keep the centrists in your camp. Make some concesssions. The Reps have their fence and lost the house. Hello!

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  1. Someone explain to me how signing a treaty is free trade.

    If we did not have this massive influx of illegals the wages would have to rise to meet the need, that to me is free market policies at work.

    How when we artificially interfere with the process can we truly judge any economy.

    Social Security is doomed no matter what.

    When people have to spend hundreds of dollars a month for the basic necessities of lights and heat plus some more for vehicular fuel, that is not progress but the sign of a dying nation,. The free market tells us these things should get cheaper over time not more expensive.

    Ignorance is temporary, stupidity is permanent tonight stupidity won.

    If any body should have been punished it should have been the do-nothing Imperial Senate.

    Ah whatever. Be Well All

  2. crosspatch says:

    “the fence’s reason to exist is to stop the hordes from crossing the border at random. ”

    Right. And I am saying that there aren’t “hordes”. Many of those that cross in a given year have traditionally crossed back and forth following work. When the California table grapes need picking, they come North. When the Mexican grapes are ready, they go back home. Most of them would rather not winter over here if there is work at home. Even if there isn’t, living is cheaper back home. You build a fence and I am willing to bet the overall impact is going to be a net increase in the numbers here because it will be too risky for them to go home in the winter and come back again next year.

    Many of those “hordes” that cross every morning go right back home every evening too. In places like El Paso, people cross over in the morning, work all day and then go home. And they aren’t really hurting the economy either. You go fixing that fence so they can’t get home at night and they are just going to grab their families and stay on this side. Sure, they aren’t paying taxes on their income, but they probably aren’t paying Mexican taxes either. Give them a way to LEGALLY move back and forth if they want AND pay taxes on their income without a hassle from the govrenment, and everyone makes out better.

  3. crosspatch says:

    In other words, if 200 people cross over for work each day, you are going to see some statistic someplace that says there were 50,000 illegal crossings a year. And that is true but it distorts the reality that it was only 200 people crossing 260 times each.

  4. az redneck says:

    Immigration played little part in JD’s defeat. His opponent ran the most effective negative ads of any I saw, focused on “JD has forgotton who he represents”. Most statements untrue, but done so EFFECTIVELY it would have been hard for his general constituency to not consider them while voting. His loud style did not help.

  5. az redneck says:

    And since you, Terrye and I are always at odds on this issue, I offer the following results from Az propositions as an indicator of how important immigration is in my state:

    No bail for immigrants–78% yes
    Limit lawsuits by immigrants–74% yes
    English only–74% yes
    No in-state tuition for immigrants–72% yes

    Ergo, JD’s immigration position should have made it a cakewalk with this level of emotion!

    One of these days, explain how VA is frontlines for immigration debate with Hispanic population25%??? My school was 85% illegal immigrants. (I had fought hard and won on the tuition issue, until tonite!)

  6. patrick neid says:


    the days of daily bordering crossings ended thirty years ago. the “hordes” , and they are hordes, are coming from deep inside mexico and the rest of latin america. brazilians are now a large group.

    the numbers are in the millions per year. folks such as yourself and others here — want open borders under the ruse of immigration reform, the same song and dance of the last 40 years. why someone wants to turn this country into “new Mexico” is beyond me. if we stop immigration completely the marketplace will adapt to the loss of cheap labor thru innovation. five years down the road wages will have risen for the millions of blue collars workers here and industry will have replaced farm labor etc with mechanization. we don’t need 20 million more high school dropouts and their offspring and extended family to pick your spinach.

    but i’m wasting my breath. the border will now remain open and this is coming sooner than you think

  7. Ken says:

    Of course Patrick Neid is the only acute commenter on immigration
    I’ve noticed, but let me go further.

    The Hispanic is permitted and encouraged to mobilize in group
    ethnic/racial dynamic movments and exhibit overt pride. Ditto the African American. The Euro-American is ostrracized as racist for doing the same.

    Until the founding ethnic core of America asserts the same right,
    it is doomed.