Jul 12 2005

Dean Bankrupting Dems II

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I predicted a while ago Dean was going to be bankrupting the democrats since shrill peaceniks never seem to have a lot of cash on them for donations. First a reminder on my predictions:


RNC raising $106M, $65.2M in the bank

DNC raising $45.2M, $16.4M in the bank


RNC raising $159M, $97.8M in the bank

DNC raising $67.8M, $24.6M in the bank

Now Ankle Biting Pundits have the new numbers

Embattled DNC Chairman Howard Dean is trying to make lemonade out of lemons. His shop has issued a press release claiming the DNC raised a record $28.5 million in the first half of the year.

The GOP’s June report shows they have raised a whopping $55,301,434.97 so far this year. But the real clincher is in the ready cash department. The GOP has $32,682,270.61 cash-on-hand. The DNC has a paltry $8,266,805.69. That’s a 4-to-1 GOP cash-on-hand advantage.

We should start a pool on how badly the dems will do by the end of the year. But here we have dems averaging around $4.7M per month and the reps averaging around $9.2M. So projecting out through December the dems could bring in $56.4M – or what the reps already have brought in! And the reps should bring in $110M.

Can Dean serve two terms as DNC Chair?? Please?

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