May 23 2005

Back To Democracy

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This will be a very interesting week and, if the GOP do their duty, the week will bring the nation back towards a representative democracy. Ed Morrissey has a great point today. If the Democrats want to protect minority rights in the judicial nomination process, if the want to establish their fantasy version of historical tradition into firm precedent, they need to establish this in our constitution:

However, the confirmation of executive appointments and treaties involve the power and responsibilities of the executive branch, and the Senate does not set the rules for those purposes. Those rules are governed by the Constitution, which calls for supermajorities only on specific items — none of which are judicial appointments. This attempt by Democrats to apply an internal control to an external, interbranch function and Constitutional responsibility amounts to a usurpation of power by the Legislature, and worse, by a minority within the Legislature.

If the Democrats want judicial nominations to require a supermajority, they need to propose a Constitutional amendment to change the rules.

The Stratasphere’s position is simple: Senators need to make their case, cast their votes and respect the results. Because the results of a senate vote reflect the results of federal elections stretching back over 10 years now.

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Ed Morrissey

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