Jul 12 2005

Handover to Iraqis Begins

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This is good news. Regions where Iraqi’s are strong enough to control (or hold while they call for assistance) will begin being transferred to their full control. Allowing us to focus on draining the swamp and getting our men and women home. No timetable, just progress towards our goal. As it should be.

Iraqi troops are ready to take control of some cities as a first step toward sending home American and other foreign soldiers, Iraq’s prime minister said Tuesday. But he rejected any timetable for a pullout.

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Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari warned against setting a timetable for foreign troops to leave “at a time when we are not ready” to confront the insurgents.

But he said security in many of Iraq’s 18 provinces – notably in the Shiite south and the Kurdish-controlled north – has improved so that Iraqi forces could assume the burden of maintaining order in cities there.

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