Nov 07 2006

My Predictions

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So folks don’t need to wade through my three big posts below: Reps easily hold senate taking at most a two seat loss. Reps will also hold the house with Dems picking up a maximum of 9 seats. It get’s better from there if the GOP has a good turnout.

BTW – Please remember politics is my hobby not my profession (that would be engineering). Don’t run off believing I have a special insight! Math cannot measure passion.

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  1. owl says:

    Retired Spook…..that is a very interesting question about the absentee votes already in the machines. I don’t know.

    Voted early absentee and straight R…..of course.

  2. Barbara says:

    The Pelosi story was linked to Hugh Hewitt from Scrappleface. I corrected it before..don’t know what happened to my post. It is a good story though. Too bad it isn’t true, although it could be she is such an idjit.

  3. Limerick says:

    whewww…..ran of voters at the church……ol’folks are nice but the worst back seat drivers EVER!……

    Just sat down to look over the headlines……if you want to know how scared the Dems are look at the headlines on rawstory……..

    Hope I didn’t miss any excitemnt this morning.

    BTW…Barbara…..idjit?…….That is what my dad called me as a kid and I haven’t heard it in years………ah…the good ol days.

  4. foil says:

    Here in Kalifornia…as our Gov would pronounce it…..I voted absentee long ago. Straight R ticket. It is truly frustrating to be an R in this state that is dominated by liberal dem thinking. The local TV channels make me heave with their Dem panderings and bias. Funny thing is, I used to believe in that junk. 9/11, the Blogs and talk radio have really turned me around 180 degrees. Thanks to AJ, Hugh Hewitt and Captain Ed Morrisey for all the reasoned insight. Go Republicans! Give Bush another chance to really get more judges, social security reform and Foreign Policy things straightened out.

  5. Carol J says:

    It is now about 1:30 here in drizzley and foggy NE Illinois. I haven’t heard much at all, so far, but will keep y’all posted.

    Good on all of you for voting R!! Hope your wheels don’t fall off Limerick. LOL!


  6. Barbara says:


    Those days are gone forever, more’s the pity. Idjit just popped in my head, haven’t heard it for decades.