Nov 06 2006

The Surprise Upside

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Update: Note the new link for the Michigan surprise (I wrote MN, meant MI!).

If Reps turnout in a massive GOTV effort, Santorum and/or DeWine could salvage themsleves and MI could fall That would be a 2-3 seat Senate pickup (NJ and MD in the bag by then). And the House would see narry a change. That is the reasonable outside hope if the GOP voters come out en masse. That is the November surprise of all surprises.

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  1. Christoph says:

    Thanks for posting this, AJStrata!

    Since it isn’t likely to happen tomorrow, I might as well enjoy it now.


  2. For Enforcement says:

    This looks like an excellent election tracker, bookmark it.

  3. vadkins says:

    I’m a Florida voter and blogger. I just realized that 3 Florida Supreme Court justices are on the state ballot for a Yes/No vote. All 3 of these justices ruled in favor of Gore in the election of 2000. I’m voting NO for each of these justices. I’ve posted here: