Nov 06 2006

Now We Know Why Gallup Dumped CNN

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Ever since Gallup polls dumped CNN, the CNN polls have been crude, amatuerish efforts. Today’s poll shows Dems leading Reps 58-38, nearly 2-1. So why is Steele dogging Cardin if this poll is true? Why is Menendez in the fight for his life? MD and NJ are deep, deep blue states and if there was a 2-1 wave coming against the Reps why wouldn’t it show up first in these states? 2-1 is a blow out. If the CNN poll was anything based on reality Dems would have 10% leads in all the Senate polls because these are statewide elections – no gerrymandering to tilt the electorate. So why did CNN decide to release a poll that is basically a sad joke? I know the Dems have a chance to take the House still, but they are not preferred by the country 2-1! Are the people at CNN really that math challenged? Are they really that naive? Are they really that desparate? Why did Gallup, WaPo/ABC News and Pew – all established polling firms – find completely opposite results? CNN has been divorced from Gallup for less than a year I believe, and now we know why they had to split up.

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  1. danking_70 says:

    Must have been a poll of CNN viewers.

  2. AJStrata says:


    I believe you nailed it! A poll of Cafferty’s fan club.

  3. kathie says:

    CNN is trying to give Dems 25 points instead of the paltry 15 in the last election.

  4. Christoph says:

    I hope you’re right, AJStrata, because I’m crying in my vending machine coffee right about now.

    How could CNN publish this poll if it’s as reckless as you say?

    This wouldn’t be a “rogue” poll… this would be a made-to-order monstrosity.

  5. archtop says:

    This is just another media political “bomb” lobbed on the eve of the election. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to note the media’s absolutely relentless campaign against the republicans this year. They’ve thrown every distortion, trick, bias, slant, and gotcha (or should I say “maccaca,” which still isn’t in any dictionary I own) at the republicans and the president with no pretense of fairness or objectivity. It almost as if they’re going for broke!

    I can tell you right now – whether the Reps win or lose tomorrow – the game is over for the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. They have ** no ** credibility left. None. I can say with as much certainty as I can that I will actively seek to remove as much of ** them ** from my life as possible. They have lost me for good. And I will actively seek to advise their sponsors that I am no longer watching their “news”, accessing their web sites, or reading their papers. They have deliberately set out to create enemies of 50% of the population, and they deserve to be punished economically. I don’t wish to have my values as an American citizen spat upon by pompous editors and nauseating talking heads.

    And let’s start by removing CNN from the airports! I can say that it’s been nice having an Ipod to drown out the mindless drivel pouring down from the CNN screens while I wait for my flight. If people want CNN, give them a CNN “smoking room” or something so as not to bother tired passengers…

  6. Terrye says:

    CNN had Bush’s approval rating down to 35, Rasmussen had him up to 45. Go figure.

  7. Karig says:

    Oh hell, this is nothing. Remember on Election Day 2004 when around 2 PM, we were being told that people were voting for Kerry over Bush by something like nine to one?

    Seriously, though, screw the polls and screw the media. This has been the filthiest slimiest most issue-free election season I’ve ever heard of, and I can’t wait to contribute my small vote to the collective punishment of the tribe of crap-flinging baboons that calls itself the Democrats and the media.

  8. the good doctor says:

    CNN is mad because Fox ate their lunch. They have Forehead and the Raging Cajun(more like the rabid Cajun). It’s a freak show. Just like ABC’s Stephanoppoulos and Russert(who used work for Tip O’neill) They are fair and balance NOT!!!

  9. For Enforcement says:

    Raging Cajun(more like the rabid Cajun).

    I live in Louisiana and we want NO credit for that nut job.

  10. For Enforcement says:

    It is my opinion that the MSM should henceforth be known as “formerly MSM”. I think it has been a while since they represented the ‘main stream’ of America.

  11. Barbara says:

    CNN is not only divorced from Gallup but are also divorced from reality.

  12. Dc says:

    D Chenny, in a show of bi-partisanship, has invited the DNC leadership to go hunting tommorrow.

  13. The Macker says:

    All week they ran that “info-mertial peddling the idea that Iraq was a disaster. Perfect timing!

  14. smh10 says:

    OT but a great interview with Karl Rove at Hugh Hewitt.

    Lots of great stuff. Sure beats CNN.

  15. Now We Know Why Gallup Dumped CNN — A.J. Strata, the Strata-Sphere…


  16. Bill in AZ says:

    I have my popcorn for Wednesday. It will be a great day for watching moonbat heads explode. The polls are nonsense, and have been for this entire election. The one party media has biased the pollsters, and then they use those biased poll results to reinforce their biased reporting. It’s called feedback – like sticking the microphone in front of the speaker – all you get is a lot of screeching. Come to think of it, that’s pretty much all you get from the alphabet media. This vote will be a referendum on MSM when it’s all said and done.

  17. the good doctor says:

    If the Dems loose the house and senate you will see the whole party implode on national tv.These people think the american electorate is basically stupid. If they tell the Reps to stay home they will. After all they have been stealing elections for decades. They can’t now because of the bloggers and the internet(they most be furious with Al for inventing it)
    Kennedy.Daly and the Dems stole the election from Nixon in Illinois.For decades dead people have been voting in all the dem bastions like NYC,Chicago,Mass etc.There is a guy in NYC dead 30 years who votes regularly. Last election we had Rather telling the American public that although the papers were fraudelent the theory behind it was true and therefore they should beleive him.
    In 200o they almost destroyed the American democracy just to win .Who can’t forget that woman in Broward county looking at a ballot and guessing how that person voted.Thank G-d we had Rep Supreme Court that stopped our democracy from being destroyed

    Tomorrow they will try everything …the dead people will be out in force but this time there are boards in all these cities to fight them. If they loose Pelosi will look like Linda Blair with head twisting and everything.Emmanuel will probably jump from the Sears tower(rumors that he hasn’t been sleeping for weeks).The only people that will benefit are the Clintons because if the party implodes they’ll be back in control since the lefties lost everything.

    So tomorrow VOTE REPUBLICAN and get your bowl of popcorn like Bill in Az.