Nov 06 2006

Who Are They Kidding?

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Ace of Spades has news of CNN coming to the rescue of Liberals frightened by all the latest polls coming out. The left and CNN are only fooling themselves! Reps and Cons are going to the polls no matter what CNN broadcasts.

So what is the point of this now one day before the election? Oh, yeah. It is the Democrat base, which is so fragile the smallest indication of failure will send them into a protective fetal position – and they won’t come out to vote. CNN knows there is a serious risk of the left simply crumbling in the face of bad news. The same way they crumble in the face of Terrorism and challenges in Iraq. Democrats, are rapidly becoming the ‘Panic!’ party.

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  1. Limerick says:

    This is for you Ken;

    Melekh mal’khay ha-m’lakheem, b’rachamayv y’chayeym v-yeesh’m’reym
    u-meekol tzara v-yagon vanezek.
    Yatzeeleym v-yeeteyn b’leebam uv’leyv kol yo’atzeyhem
    V’sareyhem la’asot tovot eemanu v’eem kol Yisrael acheynu.
    Bee-y’meyhem uv-yameynu, teevasha Y’huda v’Yisrael yeesh’kon lavetach,
    uva l’Tzeeyon Go’el. V’kheyn y’hee ratzon.
    V’nomar ameyn.
    The King Who rules over kings, in His compassion may He sustain them and protect them
    from every trouble, woe and injury.
    May he rescue them and put into their heart and into the heart of all their counsellors
    compassion to do good with us and with all Israel, our brothers.
    In their days and our days, may Judah be saved and may Israel dwell securely,
    and may the Redeemer come to Zion. So may it be his will.
    And let us say, Amen.

  2. Ken says:

    If you have been reading my comments ,you would know
    I am not a “realist,” but a non-interventionist. The US should
    not have been supporting or opposing any ruler in the Gulf and Middle East including Israel’s rulers. However, attempting to
    impose “democracy” in the form of a puppet state on Iraq
    is even worse.

  3. Ken says:


    I take it “may Judah be saved” means convert to Christianity?
    If not ,we have nothing further to discusss. If so, I’ll take
    you back in history to the turn of the 20th century when the
    early Zionists entreated the Pope to support their project.

    “No”, he said. For two reasons. One, the land was already
    occupied. Two, if successful, a Jewish nation would only
    stiffen the Jewish resistance further to the Christian message.

  4. Limerick says:

    THERE is the difference Ken……you want the Jews converted(or worse)… I want them just the way they are….a FREE and NOBLE people! We share the same God, we share the same values, we share the same hopes, and we share the same ammunition.

  5. Limerick says:

    Ken…let me explain the prayer to you… is a Hebrew prayer for America to have strength and to thank her for being a brother to Israel. I stand with them as an ally and brother.