Nov 03 2006

Dems See Bad Week Ahead?

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The left is getting angry at itself for the bad week they had – thanks Kerry! But I noticed in this Washington Prowler piece an indication the internals for some races are not looking good:

Kerry’s tightfistedness comes at a time when the DNC has essentially taken out a second mortgage to the tune of $8 million-plus to compete with Republicans on media buys and get out the vote programs. Edwards is said by some advisers to have called Kerry and warned him that he intends to go public with criticism of Kerry’s cheapskate ways over the weekend, an event that would bury any final hopes Kerry has of running with even a modicum of success in ’08.

“This is money that Edwards was instrumental in raising for the team. It isn’t John Kerry’s money to hoard for a rainy day,” says a former Edwards Senate staffer, who continues to advise the former North Carolina senator. “If we lose next week, a lot of it falls on Kerry’s head. Frankly, he lost the campaign for us two years ago, and he’s done a lot this time around to damage our chances in some highly competitive races. Because of him, e’re pouring money into races we shouldn’t have had to.”

Emphasis mine. I would say the Dems see a bad week ahead if they are willing to make public their fight with Kerry as he hordes $14M. And Jim Geraghty at TKS talks to his seasoned political source he calls “Obiwan”, and sees other indications this is might not be the Dems year. In fact, if they feel it will be a major blow to a vanishing party. Something is up it seems. Are people finally realizing that a Democrat win will be seen as a success for Al Qaeda? Is it finally sinking in that Al Qaeda will spin a Democrat win as a sign that they beat the Great Satan and will soon have Iraq? I am with a lot of people who are wondering if the Dems failed to make the sale, or more precisely infect America with their hate of all things Bush.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Can I slow this down a bit?

    It seems Kerry was “in” on some sort of money deal? And, that’s why he was “flying about?”

    Are the donks now flying monkeys, as well as asses? Just asking.

    It made no sense at all for Kerry to be in Pasadena. Schwartzenegger is 17% or more, ahead of angeletes, or however the donk nominee for governor spells his name.

    And, MONEY ON LOAN was spent harnessing Kerry up? Gee, the clowns at the 3-ring circus came out early. Before the high wire act tumbled to the ground, without a net. Or, so it seems.

    Also, I may be the only one to think so; but Kerry SOUNDED SCRIPTED! He purposely set the stage for his “mispoke joke.” And, then when the theme reached altitude he went on TV, to speak to the “global village,” about how he wouldn’t EVER apologize. AT ALL! And, he said “Bush has to apologize.”

    What followed then was this “surgical disaster.” The patient just crapped out on the table. And, now Kerry is being called a jerk.

    But a lot of money changed hands. The stuff Kerry said was PREPARED IN ADVANCE!

    Oh, well. In Tennessee, one dozen “smart cards” have been stolen from the vaults. So that they can contaminate Corker’s WIN, and turn this “electronic voting” nonsense, into a macabre sideshow.

    Of course, can the blacks vote in enough numbers, over and over again, to account for 25 million votes? They’re stupid enough to try, ya know?

    While the donks are already complaining about the military. Because they can vote by fax and email. ON SECURE LINES!

    We are down, now, to the wire.

    Whatever candidate the donks will run in ’08 won’t amount to a hill of beans; IF THE TREND LINES GIVE BUSH THE WIN. And, Congress stays seated in the GOP majority.

    Then? What, exactly, do the donks have, now?

    They took out LOANS? So that Kerry could do his Man of LaMancha act? You would think those people would learn something from negative numbers?

  2. Limerick says:

    If the election turns against the polls you can count on it accelerating the civil war happening in the democratic party. It will split apart into two parties, one reflecting the olbermaniacs, the other Lieberman/McCain compromise. I’d love to buy box seats to that show.

    It is gonna be a longggggggg night Tuesday.

  3. crosspatch says:

    I still see many races being called for Democrats where the point spread in the polls matches the Democratic bias in the sample. For example, 5% more Democrats were polled than Republicans and the poll shows the Democrat up by 5 points. But honestly, even Rasmussen isn’t painting all that rosy of a picture for the Republicans and they try to keep their polling sample fairly evenly split.

    The difference is going to be the people that get out to the polls. We not only need to be energizing the registered Republicans, we really need to get those independents who lean Republican to the polls. I wonder if anyone has ever attempted to identify who those people are.

    Sadly, the district I live in is mostly Democrat by a large margin. I won’t be having much impact on any House races with my vote but I will be voting for Arnold.

    Don’t let any of your right-leaning friends pass on voting. Take them to the poll if you have to. Make a night of it. Vote then go out for pizza and beer or bowling or something.

  4. Nelle says:

    What the leftist Dems don’t recognise is that for a working Dem, it’s going to be hard to touch the screen for more taxes.
    It’s going to be hard for Dems who have been or who have relatives who have been in the military to vote for the party of Kerry, Murtha and Gitmo-mania. It’s going to be hard for socially conservative black Dems to vote for the party of blackface minstrel jokes, oreo tossing, and unlimited abortion. And it’s going to be hard for sane Dems to vote for the party that claims to see no terrorist threat, embraces the anti-semitic, anti-American U.N., and roots for a loss in a crucial war, just so a Republican president can’t have credit for doing his job well.
    Yes, we all want our side to win. But I don’t think it’s going to be Republicans who can’t drag themselves to the polls this time.

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re either prescient, brave, stupid, or a little of all!

    Me, I don’t even pretend to have a clue, what will happen next Tuesday; as far as my amateur political watching behind believes, it’s either:

    a) a Dem blowout in both Senate & Congress
    b) a Dem win in the Congress, loss in the Senate
    c) a narrow, and I mean NARROW Rep “win”, in both chambers, and I mean they retain control by 1 – 2 seats in each, by luck
    d) 1% chance, Rep’s actually pick up some seats in both chambers..

    But, I don’t think I even would place $5bucks on any of those possible scenarios, I just dont’ really know what to make of all the different polls, and more important, voter turnout, what people are really thinking, etc…

  6. Limerick says:

    Santorum in the last two polls shows he has closed the gap on Casey……now Casey said he skipped the NAACP debate to be with Barak Obama but it seems Obama was in California at the time…….
    Santorum needs to air a commercial about that NOW.

  7. Limerick says:

    sorry i screwed that one up….not a debate….NAACP event

  8. AJStrata says:


    I am all of the above and proud of it!

  9. Barbara says:

    It is a pleasure to see this treasonous party implode. Just think, the two dem presidential candidates at odds with each other publically, one calling the other basically a crook. Of course, since Kerry goofed the other dems will rush in and feed off him. They have proved they eat their own. Unfortunately, they eat everybody else also.

  10. For Enforcement says:


    I don’t see why you are reluctant to bet on any of those options.
    I’d willingly bet a lot on it being one of those.

  11. retire05 says:

    I don’t think that anyone really knows how next Tuesday will turn out. And most of it is MSM hype telling America how the Democrats are going to take over the world at the end of the day. Skew the polls? That is nothing new. Tell the great unwashed masses something long enough and they will believe what the MSM is saying. But it could backfire; if the average Democrat thinks that the Dems are going to win anyway, why make a hugh effort to get out the vote?

    I have been watching the DeLay district. The Dems fought to keep DeLay on the ballot knowing they would win, hands down, against a write-in candidate because it is much easier to just check the little box next to a name than it is to write someone’s name in the blank. Lo and behold, the race is a dead heat.

    The Republican taking Foley’s place is in a dead heat due to the fact that the court ruled against the Dems (and we all know how the Dems love to tilt the scale by judicial fiat) when the Dems just knew that the Foley seat was in the bag.

    Black Democrats coming out in favor of Steele was a hellofa blow to his opponent. What does it say to the rest of Black America when the Democrats say that Steele better represents their values and political views than does their own party?

    Yeah, we may see a Dem win next Tuesday. But even there, there is a silver lining. When America watches the destruction of policies put into place to protect us, when they see the unemployment rate going up, when the see the deficit getting bigger again, when they see the stock market coming down, taxes going up and terrorist activity getting stronger all over the world , ’08 will, once again, go Republican.

  12. crosspatch says:

    Lets see, I seem to remember that before the last national election the major media was pretty much unanimous in their calling the election for Kerry/Edwards by, I believe, 4 points. That was the day before the election.

  13. Limerick says:

    Being from a state (TX) where the only real battleground is TX-22 I expected voter turnout to be low but absentee ballots so far are almost as high as the last election. The governor’s race is pretty wacky, which could be a factor, but the high absentee count seems to me to favor a big R turnout.

  14. Ken says:

    Since there were no al Qaeda operative in Iraq pre-war, we can rightly say Bush’s invasion itself was “a success for al Qaeda.”

  15. Mike says:

    Here again, I would never attempt to predict, But, The Louder and More Shrill the Lame Media gets makes me think they are seeing things that are not much to their liking!?

    I sure as hell wouldn’t predict such, But a pickup by the Pubs in the House and Senate would not Surprise me!