Nov 02 2006

Democrat Dirty Trick Backfires

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The Dems seem to have tried to shop around a forged up police report (shades of the Foley scandal) in a NY Congressional race. It was the classic “when did you stop beating your wife” dirty trick. But now the wife has come out with the Congressman and authorized the release of the real police report. And her stoic response will bind every sane person who is not suffering from BDS to her side and agains the dems:

The Sweeney campaign said both the candidate and his wife filed the appropriate paperwork to authorize release of the official incident report. A spokesman for the New York State Police said the report can be released “if both parties sign a notarized waiver of privacy with instructions drawn out to who gets it and when.”

“The evening in question was a very difficult time for our family. Real life has real problems,” said Mrs. Sweeney in her first public comment about the incident to reporters. “The pressure of a year–long public scrutiny reached its breaking point, and so had I. I did not need to be protected from John.”

What couple has not been under the stress and had a blow out, and then came back together stronger. Who cannot relate to these people and revolt against the slime who tried to play this as some sort of scandal. Well I will tell the Sweeneys that while this will be painful, you will have an army of us who have long term, solid relationships and marriages by your side applauding you. And if there is no other reason to vote Rep over Dem in this race, it is to stand with those dedicated to making things worse and against those who slime and lie others. Case closed. Dems deserve to lose this race.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    Wow. The Internet is fast!

    In the “good old days,” newspapers in big cities, to “keep up” kept coming out with “special editions. ” To catch the workers who traveled by bus and train. With nothing to do. And, getting the news seemed important.

    Today, it’s the Internet.

    Yup. The dirty tricks, and all the dishonesty in the world, won’t give the donks anything except LOSSES. People hate to be cheated.

    Reminds me of the old days, when the butchers were accused of putting their thumbs on the scales. Even with oversight; they lost their businesses to supermarkets.

    And, today’s Internet IS the supermarket!

  2. Barbara says:

    Yeah, we used to fume about false information that was printed. It was refuted on occasion but usually too late to matter. It is different now. Now false information can evidently be refuted the night before an article is published. When do you suppose the MSM will catch on? However, it may be they think some of their bias will get under the wire and I suppose it does.

  3. Barbara says:

    BTW, when do you think it will occur to the dems that they threw one of their special interest under the bus in the Foley matter?