Nov 02 2006

November Surprise!

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I have to laugh at the news breaking that the administration has completed a 7 day round up of over 10,000 fugitives. If there ever was a sign that the Reps will keep the neighborhoods safe, this is it. But I cannot resist taking a jab at the concept this is just a way to take a lot of potential Dem voters off the street! OK, cheep shot – but so what? Take a joke! The Dems keep calling for felons to get the chance to vote. And who else can you bribe with cigarettes to go to the polls? Amazing.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    My concern in the election is the Katrina voters, there will be some evacuees who will vote absentee to New Orleans and a second time wherever they are local to now. Hard to detect and with a pool of about 1/2 million votes to sway close races.

  2. Barbara says:


    In my opinion national id cards or drivers’ licenses with a picture id on it and voting district would eliminate all of the double voting, dead voting and multiple voting. If all citizens had to show this card in order to vote, they couldn’t defraud the system. In my state when I applied for my driver’s license after moving to this state, I was asked what political affiliate I belonged to and was registered to vote then and there. All states could do this. They could have something on the card that couldn’t be counterfeited and a computer that would show the card holder had already voted. I don’t know why the government doesn’t do this. Of course, the dems would scream bloody murder. Half their constituents would be gone.