Nov 02 2006

9-11 Hero And Iraq War Veteran Takes On Kerry

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LJ Strata called to let me know about this article about a man who was a hero of 9-11 and then went to Iraq, and who takes on John Kerry and the Democrats and the liberal media:

November 2, 2006 — In a moving letter to The Post, a heroic New Yorker serving in Iraq had a blunt message yesterday for John Kerry – lay off the troops!

U.S. Army Maj. John P. Maguire – a West Point alumnus who rushed to the Twin Towers to rescue the wounded on 9/11 – wrote that he learned of the senator’s insult while in a tent “surrounded by barriers protecting us from mortar attacks.”

The 33-year-old was watching Armed Forces Network, which broadcast Kerry telling young kids, “If you don’t [study hard], you get stuck in Iraq.”

So Maguire, who was photographed carrying the mortally wounded FDNY chaplain the Rev. Mychal Judge out of the rubble at Ground Zero, fired off an e-mail to defend his men and women in uniform.

“In his remarks, Sen. Kerry inferred that many of us over here are in Iraq because we are not smart enough, didn’t study hard, and had no other options in life,” he wrote to The Post.

“Let me just tell you, there are many other people who share that view – the enemy.”

He pointed out that Saddam Hussein tried to spread exactly the same propaganda about American forces and said that the terrorist insurgents are still trying to propagate the myth.

“One of the common misconceptions among Iraqis is that U.S. troops are the bottom feeders of America, have no families, lack education, and are society’s outcasts,” he wrote.

So Kerry and the Democrats and the liberal media think like Saddam. No wonder they are so pissed off we took the brutal killer from power. It seems they miss him. They say life would be better if he was still running Iraq.

And check out this post at Wake Up America that is chock full of letters from our brave men and women in Iraq. And awesome read today.

And who sent that photo ‘smart bomb’ back on Kerry, and which finally woke up the US liberal media to their own insulting acts of ignoring the brunt of Kerry’s ‘joke’ – our military.

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  1. Ken says:

    Kerry is an opportunist who tacked to the left on Iraq to ward off the
    Dean steamroller. He then betrayed the Democratic rank and file by approving of the war, also betraying his anti-war Vietnam legacy.
    His consequent discrediting perhaps befits him, but America is in too much danger to allow personal grievances influence our votes.

    Kerry’s ineptly delivered jibe was obviously meant for Bush, not the troops. Strata and others are desperate to re-elect the neocons and if they have power reinforced they are likely to embroil the world
    in a region-wide no-win conflict with Iran and at the least, prolong the bitter defeat in Iraq.