May 23 2005

MSM Crocodile Tears

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The MSM response to NewsWeak’s rush to run an anti-Bush story is, not surprisingly, to play victim. The MSM feel it is unfair to expect them to report facts and not rumors. Too bad. The MSM feels it is unfair to speculate on the root cause for the industry-wide problems we have seen over years where they cannot seem to evaluate anti-Bush, anti-c0nservative stories (e.g., RaTHergate) for holes and problems. Too bad.

The industry has a serious problem, but they cannot handle the kind of scrutiny they themselves apply to every aspect of our national community every day.

Howard Kurtz, a supposed news media critic, demonstrates the same bias in his reaction to the NewsWeak storm today when he focuses on the ‘right’ vs. journalists (isn’t this an admission the MSM IS aligned against the right?), instead of the real question of fact vs. fantasy.

Is any of this true? Or has Newsweek’s retracted story simply handed the right a new club with which to beat journalists?

The fantasy the liberal MSM partakes in is they think they are smarter and morally superior to the political right, and they believe they will prove this sooner or later once the ‘truth’ comes out. That mythical truth they so desparately think is out there, like some buried treasure.

Another example of MSM complaints that their errors are not their fault can be found at Powerline
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