Nov 01 2006

Democrats Want To Raise Taxes (Educate Military)

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In light of the Kerry debacle one can now easily read the hidden intent of all Democrat proposals (and all Democrat proposals have hidden intent because they cannot win by telling America what their plans are). In this House Demorat proposal we see Democrats plan to expand military, homeland defense and education. Clearly Kerry and his party think if they only educate the military there will be no more Iraq. But the other item that is clear is there is only one way to expand these programs – raise our taxes. So if you think we should surrender Iraq to Bin Laden, raise your taxes, and only the uneducated die for our country, then it is clear you should vote Democrat.

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  1. Barbara says:

    The dems are really reaching if they think we are stupid enough to swallow this garbage. This is strictly about the election. After the election is over, the dems will claim the republucans killed this initiative. They have pulled this before. The dems dumbed down the military almost to extinction during the Clinton years. They have always despised the military. Actually they have said so over an over again. Didn’t Bill Clinton say “I loathe the military”. so how can they put forth this bill. I’ll tell you how. They have no integrity, no morals, no truth, no loyalty to country, and they will do anything to win.

    As I went through the line at the grocery store the other day I glanced at the Globe on one of the stands. There was Clinton, looking like hell with his hands together in a praying fashion. The caption said “I”m dying”. This was just a ploy to gain sympathy, after all, we are all dying. Well, I have no sympathy for him since I am in the same condition as Dick Cheney and probably in a whole lot worse health than Clinton. But, I thought, as I had thought two years ago, what if Clinton did die in October 2008? Would the black widow garner a sympathy victory? As I have said before, many times, I put nothing past the libs/dems and certainly nothing past Hillary Clinton.

  2. Ken says:

    Iraq is not ours to “surrender to bin Laden,” and only a few
    percent of Iraqis ,none Shia,want Sunni Salafi theocracy to rule there.

    Strata’s straw man repetition is getting monotonous but I’m
    “surprised” Barbara, who fears for Sunni safety if we leave,
    didn’t correct Strata here rather than cite a supermarket
    tabloid’s drivel!

  3. Barbara says:


    I didn’t say I feared for Sunni safety. Actually, I don’t give a damn about the Sunnis. They are digging their own graves. But, what comes through loud and clear is that you read into any statements posted what you want to see and then post it yourself like it is the truth. Just like you read on other blogs and/or columnists what you want to see and post here as it they are truth. The problem is that you are never right and play the fool when you act as you are. Also, you keep on quoting Zogby who is totally biased. We have told you we do not accept his polls because we do not believe in them. You really do get a charge out of pulling our chains, don’t you?