Oct 30 2006

Steele Will Win In MD

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It is now a foregone conclusion Micheal Steele should win the Senate race in MD now that many black democratic leaders from heavily black and democratic Prince George’s County have come out to openly support Steele:

A coalition of black Democratic political leaders from Prince George’s County led by former county executive Wayne K. Curry endorsed Republican Michael S. Steele’s bid for the U.S. Senate yesterday.

The support from Curry, five County Council members and others barely a week before Election Day reflects their continued disappointment that the Democratic Party has no African American candidates at the top of the ticket and a sense that the county is being ignored, officials said.

“They show us a pie, but we never get a slice,” said Major F. Riddick Jr., a former aide to then-Gov. Parris N. Glendening and a former county executive candidate. “We are here today to say we’ve waited and we’ve waited and we’re waiting no longer.”

Steele, who as lieutenant governor is the first African American elected statewide in Maryland, said he was humbled by the support. “I said I did not want this [campaign] to be so much about party but about the people,” he said. “And these people understand that.”

I have been saying for months that the MD black community would revolt against another round of lame Democrat excuses as to why they will not have national voice from MD. It is no small reminder that my home state of VA had the first black Governor, so why can’t MD have a black Senator? The county where these endorsements are coming from is critical to Cardine’s election hopes. With these endorsements Steele just crippled those hopes – no matter what the ‘polls’ indicate.

BTW, all those lame blackface renderings by the liberal left attacking people they dislike is not being missed either.

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  1. TomAnon says:

    The endorsement of the PG County Council is huge. The County Council and County Exec. wield far more political power in MD than about any other elected office. The PG County Council is not populated with a bunch of Republicans, Independents or Middle of the Roaders. For the most part they are life long, Liberal Democrats. If the GWOT on terrorism and the conduct of the Bush admin. was such a huge issue the Council and resisdents of PG County would not be swinging Steele’s way, at all.