Oct 30 2006

More On ESCR

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Here is someone who is on target with much of the embryonic stem cell debate. No need to add anything.

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  1. Mark78 says:

    Please take a look at this. Would this not be on par with Rathergate if true?

    CNN is preparing an all out anti-GOP assault the last few days before the election?

    Washington Prowler

    Democrat Slowdown Signs — Except at CNN

    Lots of headscratching was going on Friday evening and over the weekend about the decision by CNN producers and uberanchor Wolf Blitzer to blindside former colleague (she hosted “CNN Crossfire” back in the day) Lynn Cheney.

    Aside from using questions culled from talking points on the Jim Webb scandal provided to a CNN associate producer by the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, Blitzer, — without checking out the veracity of the talking points — quizzed Cheney about the techniques used against suspected terrorists and her views on the Bush Administration. Cheney had been invited to discuss her new children’s book, but came prepared to battle Blitzer, and more than held her own.

    Why was Blitzer so aggressive? “It was all about ratings, and the fact that we have this series of specials called ‘Where the Right Went Wrong’ running on the network,” says the CNN insider.

    Part of that series ran later Friday evening after Cheney’s emasculation of Blitzer (video here).

    In fact, CNN producers, with the approval of more senior executives, intend to run the highly politicized, pro-Democrat Party “Where the Right Went Wrong” in the days leading into Election Day. The series uses original reporting, as well as materials, including statistics and research developed by the DNC, MoveOn.org and the labor-funded 527, Americans Coming Together, though the those sources are never mentioned in the segments.

    “There are people who are wondering why this is being run so close to election day,” says the CNN employee. “The questions have been asked, but we haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer. But as soon as we saw the Cheney segment, we knew what they were trying to do. It wasn’t just about attacking Cheney. It was about building momentum for the other programming we are running. It’s about counterprogramming Fox News.”

  2. AJStrata says:


    That garbage has been running for days. It is a joke because the only reason CNN can find for government being broken is Dems are not running it. It shows pure and clear media bias. CNN should have its press credentials eliminated. But it is so over the top I doubt many are missing the bias. It sure is a sham.

  3. Mark78 says:

    Glad you saw it. I didn’t know that the behind the scenes planning of it was that deliberate.

    As an ex journalist who still follows the craft very closely and am intimately aware of the bias problem, I continue to be amazed with how bad these people are. They’d be far better off just doing what conservatives in radio do and admit where they are coming from instead of being a liberal version of what the conservatives do on radio while pretending to be non partisan.

    The problem remains the lying and dishonesty about it. Even Blitzer the other day had the gaul to say CNN was “not partisan.”

  4. Dc says:

    As to the stem cell issue…there are over 70 current clinical treatments using adult stem cells. There are zero embryonic. Further, the measure of a cell’s ability to become other types of cells is called “plasticity”. And the most recent assessment seems to be that adult stem cells are actually much more flexible than they first thought and can be (and are being) used to generate a much wider range of cell types for various treatements (over 70 last I heard). So, this is obviously changing and being updated as we go along.

    The promise of embryonic cell research by comparison is based on theory that the younger cells would have more plasticity and be a potentially more plentiful source (if you can harvest or clone human eggs). As of today, there is yet to be one clinical treatement to come out of embryonic stem cell research for anything. As I said, there are currently over 70 using adult stem cells.

    Given that it seems the latest development coming out of this is that adult cells have higher plasticity than they first believed (based on the theory that cells become limited in range of plasticity over time, as they subdivide more), it would “also” challenge the common held belief/theory that cells which have been cloned over and over lose their plasticity.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    This quote is from that link, it stood out as a defining statement to me.

    “If living another five or ten years must come at the expense of the total lifespan of the next generation, I want nothing to do with it. It is greed and convenience rolled into idolatry of the self and the epicurean lifestyle where we define life so that we don’t end up hurting others for our own fun.”

    Just think of how many people think nothing of destroying that life with no promise of any extension of life. Just because it’s “convenient”

  6. Mark78 says:

    CNN’s offensive began tonight saying Bush has shredded the constitution, Cheney is secret and evil, etc. in their “Special”