Jul 11 2005

Liberal Failures vs Conservative Success

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Iraq and Yugloslavia. Have we ever had two examples so close together, so similar, to illustrate the failure of the UN and its liberal/socialist ‘ideals’ of capitulation vs Bush and his conservatism drive to succeed? I think not.

Iraq is well on its way to becoming a self governing democracy within a span of a few short years. While Yugoslavia is mired in ancient European excuses for failure and UN capitulation towards failure.

Christopher Hitchens explores the Sebrinca holocaust, and the failure of Europre and the UN to turn this failure into a promising future.

Ten years since the hecatomb of Srebrenica … surely a decade cannot have passed so quickly? It really feels to me like yesterday. I can hear Susan Sontag’s exact tone of voice as she described being in a ministerial office in Sarajevo when the mayor of Srebrenica got through on a bad line to say, “This is goodbye.” He did not mean au revoir. Ronald Steel is one of the most gentle and humane liberals I have ever met, but I can still see his next-day’s op-ed in the New York Times, announcing that the fall of the “safe havens” was “a blessing in disguise,” since it might force the Bosnians to sue for peace. I can remember the red rage in which I wrote a letter to the Times, saying that a mass murder was a pretty effective disguise. And the sickening news, day by day, of the routine and organized torture and slaughter, and then the crude interment of the butchered cadavers, ploughed under like black plastic bags of refuse.

Above all, what I remember is the sense of shame. A French general named Philippe Morillon had promised the terrified refugees that they would be safe. A Dutch commander had been mandated to make good on this promise. The United Nations, the European Union, the “peacekeepers” of all nations had assured the terrified civilians of Bosnia-Herzegovina that the international community was stronger than Milosevic’s depraved regime and the death squads that it had spawned. And those who were so foolish as to trust this pledge were then hideously put to death. On video. In plain sight. Scanned from NATO and American satellites circulating indifferently in outer space. What must it be like to die like that, gutted like a sheep in full view of the vaunted “international community,” while your family is bullied and humbled in front of you and while your captors and killers taunt you in their stolen or borrowed United Nations blue helmets?

Others might wonder why the wealthy nations took so long to address the “root cause” of Serbian terrorism—the root cause being Serbian fascism and irredentism—and why it is that Mladic and Karadzic are still gloatingly free after 10 years, not four. The “hunt” for the latter two gentlemen began during the Clinton administration, and on the turf of the sophisticated and multilateral Europeans, as the writer of the above words might have had the grace to admit.

Liberalism is a failed, stale, dying concept. It stands for nothing, it defends nothing, it sacrifices for nothing.

The goal of liberalism is to survive, win, have the most and be in a position to tell others what they are doing wrong.

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