Oct 25 2006

Light Posting Today

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Posting will be delayed until later today due to travel. Tomorrow and Friday will be fairly quiet as well. Sorry folks, but this blogging stuff doesn’t pay squat and I have a lot of meetings coming up. I may also have a lot of hours in a hotel room as well, so we shall see.

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  1. Carol J says:


    I know you might not have a chance to get to this for awhile but…


    James Baker’s Stacked Commission-Iraq Study Commission upends a pro-freedom foreign policy.

    Policymakers are abuzz with the explosive recommendations for U.S. policy toward Iraq soon to be released by the Baker-Hamilton Commission: Abandon democracy, seek political compromise with the Sunni insurgents, and engage Tehran and Damascus as partners to secure stability in their neighbor. “While former secretary of state James Baker and former representative Lee Hamilton said they would withhold their report until after the elections on November 7 to avoid its politicization, they have discussed their findings with the press.”

    Aw HELL!! Here we go again!


  2. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: looks like the Mother’s of the Jihadis KNOW WHO to blame, and it ain’t the United States!

    That makes the mother’s of the Jihadis, more “PATRIOTIC” than our OWN DEMOCRATS!


    Parents of fighters killed by coalition blame mullahs

    By Isambard Wilkinson in Karbala
    Last Updated: 2:51am BST 24/10/2006

    A steady flow of bodies back to Pakistan has prompted tribal elders to appeal to intelligence agencies and religious leaders to stop sending young men to fight in Afghanistan.

    “We have made it known to the military intelligence and the mullahs that we want them to stop sending our youth to their deaths,” said one tribal leader from the province of Pishin in Balochistan. His sentiments were echoed by a growing number of secular-minded politicians from the Pashtun tribal belt that runs from Balochistan to the North-West Frontier Province.

    Karbala, a town in Pishin, is a key recruiting area for the Taliban as many of the religiously-conservative locals belong to tribes that span the border. Yet this month five families from Karbala accused religious leaders of being responsible for the deaths of their sons.

    The 20-year old grandson of Sayyad Dost Muhammed went the way of many a young Pakistani jihadi. “Qari Asadullah was one of five boys from the village who went to Afghanistan five months ago without their families’ knowledge,” said Mr Dost Muhammed. “We heard that all five had been killed.” Asadullah and his four friends graduated from a local madrassa and headed to a radical school in Karachi, from where they went to Afghanistan.

    Karbala has four madrassas, all linked to the Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (JUI), a party that governs Balochistan and the North West Frontier Province. During President Pervez Musharraf’s recent visit to Britain, a leaked document drawn up by a think-tank with alleged links to MI6 claimed that Pakistani military intelligence funnelled support for the Taliban through the JUI. This month, Gen Musharraf said retired Pakistani intelligence officers could be running the Taliban insurgency.

    Yesterday the bodies of 18 Pakistanis were returned to the Pakistani tribal agency of Waziristan, where a deal between tribesmen and the government is supposed to have stopped fighters crossing the border.

  3. Limerick says:


    Op-ed from todays Asia Times. Full blown look at how much the world lefties hate America. If you can stomach it……….not a line about the jihadi’s tactics. The Dhimmi’s sound just like this guy…..