Oct 23 2006

Dems Losing House Races

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I have heard of many house races in the south adn elsewhere where Dems are possibly going to lose. The numbers seems to run around 4 seats, which will really hurt democrat hopes of taking the house. I think the election is rapidly becoming a wash and will not change must from current levels. I am bouyed in this view by news from Ed Morrissey of another Dem seat in serious trouble in Indiana. Of course, if this was a liberal site I would be all excited about a Rep wave!

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5 Responses to “Dems Losing House Races”

  1. dgf says:

    Whoosh. LOL.

  2. Concerned says:

    I wonder if any one is looking at Utah. Their one Democratic Rep. could finally be replaced this time around. Matheson has strong competition.

  3. Carol J says:

    Dick Morris has this to say:

    “The GOP needs to focus on the concrete ways in which a Democratic victory would threaten our safety.

    Here’s one possible ad: We see and hear a wiretapped conversation, with a terrorist revealing his worst plans to his associate – and, inadvertently, to government eavesdroppers, too. Then, when he’s about to spill the beans on when and where the next attack is going to come, the line should go dead, with a dial tone, with a machine voice saying “This wiretap terminated in the name of privacy rights by the Democratic U.S. Congress.”


    The above should make EVERYONE aware of just what’s at stake here.


  4. Retired Spook says:

    Carol, that is beyond GREAT!!! I hope you forwarded it to Ken Mehlman. There are just so many possibilities for ads that the Dems have left themselves open to, but I’m afraid none of them fits in with Bush’s “new tone”. Hopefully someday the GOP will learn that you can play hardball without being nasty.

  5. Limerick says:


    op ed by Stephen Leadman……….MOONBAT……anyone who wants these people in charge are MOONBATS……….

    (Bush-Cheny will impose martial law before the election you see…),

    Traitor, pure and simple.