Oct 23 2006

The Terrorists’ Last Hope In Iraq – Democrats

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Update: It should not be missed that Europe is already under attack by Islamo Fascists, even though most of AQ focus is on Iraq and Afghanistan right now. So the release of pressure will only free up efforts in France and elsewhere. [H/T Ed Morrissey] – End Update

Why has the Iraq war dragged on so long? What motivates the terrorists to keep trying and killing as they are wiped out in vast numbers? The hope behind the terrorists continued efforts is partly the martyrdom angle, but as many intercepted Al Qaeda communique’s point out, the Arab Muslim street is not going to die for nothing. So where does the Islamo Fascist find hope? In the American media and the American left. This has been said many times by many others, but the terrorists can only win if the Democrats get their way and surrender. So Olberman and Mathews rant every night and the Jihadists have hope. Murtha proposes our forces invade Okinawa instead of dealing with Baghdad, and the Jihadists double their efforts.

Bush and Rumsfeld may have made some marginal mistakes, but the left has been the group that has made the war harder and longer than it needed to be. If the terrorists saw no hope in the US pulling out, they would not be killing Arabs so they can get on the nightly news with Katie Couric. If the Arab street knew there was no way to deflect the will of America, they would not put up with the terrorism against them. The Arabs tolerate this war because they believe in sacrifice and they believe the Democrats will surrender. There is nothing else sustaining this war right now. You don’t put up with war if you think it is a lost cause. This is the very logic of the democrats themselves, so no one can make the case this is not what is happening. The democrats see Iraq as a lost cause and want out.

They simply folded first. If they had a modicum of self control and kept their concerns muted the Jihadists would be the ones seeing an endless, useless, losing effort in front of them. The mistake in Iraq was the left’s inability to unite and deal with their minority status. Every election cycle they have boosted the terrorists and given them cause to fight on (which means killing more people). There is no avoiding this logic because it is the logic of the Democrats as applied to our enemies’ point of view. Many of the US and Iraqi deaths can be laid at the feat of the Defeatocrats, who signalled Al Qaeda they were ready to surrender. If not for the Defeatocrats, the Jihad in Iraq would have lost its will at least a year or two ago – definitely after the elections.

That is why war is a battle of will more than anything else. When the Democrat led Senate overwhelmingly voted to go into Iraq they were making a committment in blood to our military and our country. They promised to do what it took to win and make each life lost a worthy sacrifice to our nation’s interest. For most of them all they needed to do to fulfill that committment was to stand behind our effort in unity. In essence to just keep quiet. Kerry was the first defector (no surprise there). And soon the same party that led the vote to take us to war defected en masse and sustained our enemies. And for that the nation plans to reward them? I sincerely hope not.

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  1. jeanneb says:

    …the same party that led the vote to take us to war defected en masse and sustained our enemies

    It’s somewhat of an overstatement to say the Dems “led the vote”. In early fall 2002, the Dems thought they had Bush on the ropes suggesting he was avoiding a vote in congress. Bush called their bluff and arranged the vote just before the election (only a year after 9/11). Fearing an electoral backlash, the Dems voted overwhelmingly for the war…using language even more inflamed than Bush’s.

    Now of course, when the going is tough, they’re that proverbial person one who can’t be counted on in a foxhole. Their most glaring failure to me is the way they never blame the enemy for atrocities. If thugs cut off someone’s head, the Dems castigate Bush. If terrorists dressed as civilians blow up a school, Dems demand Rumsfeld resign. If the CIA uncovers a plot to blow up airplanes, the Dems cry that Bush is spreading fear.

    It’s all nonsense, of course. It’s petty partisanship over a desire for victory. Like you, though, I fear many Americans are too weary to notice.

  2. CORNDOG says:

    Excellent commentary.

    Wars are fought on both strategic and psychological battlefields. This one has been about respect from the beginning. The jihadis would have been defeated the moment we displayed our willingness to stand and shed blood in Iraq, except they saw every reason for hope in the sniping and snarking of the Democratic Party and its supplicant media machine.

  3. Carol J says:


    Want to know just how badly Hillary did in her “debate” last Friday with John Spencer? Check this out: (I watched the whole thing on C-Span and I can tell you it was brutal! Of course, Hillary brought her own cheering section but it didn’t matter. Too bad no one will pay attention to the content of the debate, because if they did, Hillary would LOSE — BIG!!!



  4. Limerick says:


    here comes the November surprise…….voting is old school afterall….get ready for court TV

  5. Ken says:

    Strata learns nothing from defeat and can teach his devotees nothing.
    The Iraq War “drags out so long” because it was doomed from the outset, the neocons presuming a greeting Iraqi populace chomping at the bit to be a pro-Israeli US puppet state. So they dismissed the
    “marginally correct” Shineski’s recommendation of several times as many troops and ignored all the other key State Department
    reccommendations on how to fight an inevitable insurgency. Cheney himself precluded the possibility of an insurgency in a pre-war
    “weeks long war” prediction.

    Strata’s GOP robotics prevent him from hearing the Sunni tribes
    repeated cry “you are aiding the foreign insurgency simply by being here. Get out and we will clean them out.” For Strata believes in the
    unerring might ,right and wisdom of a decaying Empire’s intrusions
    everywhere in the world-even though a few miles away from him sits its crime and slum ridden Capitol.

  6. Terrye says:


    blah blah blah

  7. Ken says:


    blah blah blah from Iraq Veteran/ truthteller Tillman, Terrye?
    decide for yourselves.

  8. Hayseed says:

    “Decaying Empire” ?
    Mighty big words coming from someone in the “Land of the Snail Eaters” Ken.

  9. Barbara says:

    I disagree with AJ that the dems see Iraq as a lost cause. They want is to believe it is a lost cause and have done everything in their power to make it so. They latched on to this defeat because there was nothing left for them if they hope to oppose Bush and sway our minds to the opposite of his views. They cannot afford to let this administration win this war. They can’t let Bush succeed in the ME when Slick failed. It would be too demeaning for the republicans to succeed where the democrats failed and go down in history as doing so. As I have said before they are running out of time to lose this war and have stepped up their efforts. There is nothing the dems will not do to win power again. Nothing.

  10. cannoneerno4 says:


    Kevin Tillman, in his bitterness, has allowed himself to become a tool.

    And I’m in Iraq, so you have to believe me, right?

  11. Ken says:

    Barabara can continue to dwell in the fever swamps of
    the prepping for the stab-in-the-back aftermath crowd, but the
    public has spoken: Iraq is an unwinnable debacle.

    CannoneerNo4 -anyone who analyses Iraq in a Left/Right
    or Dem/Republican manner anymore simply hasn’t accepted reality.
    Reality comes in many un-bitter forms and in your case ,seeming to ignore the majority conservative retreat in the form of Hagel, Will,Jim Baker, Walter Jones, Buckley, who long ago saw the writing on the wall is instructive. And for military, consult the many Internet
    statements of General William E. Odum since 2003.