Oct 23 2006

Democrats Will Void Religion From Public Square, And More

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Update: Dr Sanity and others take note of a history of the left undermining this country through a combination of the liberal media and liberal elected officials. The Democrat vengeance on America is not new – sadyly. The good Doctor’s post and the linked posts of similar kind are a must read and a must ‘pass it on’. It may seem we are coordinating our message, but I can tell you that I talked to no one today about the subject of my posts. We are all just seeing the same sad truth. Also note the call where Democrat will ‘take to the streets’ if they lose the election. It seems they will not take ‘no’ for an answer this year, they will win by hook or crook (or coupe) if they have to.

Update: Right on cue, Krazy Krugman of the NY Times comes out saying exactly what I predicted – the left is out for vengeance on America, not to do anything else. [H/T RCP] – End Update

A Democrat take over of Congress is going to release a wave of pent up liberal pressure to take down their enemies (aka, people who simply represent a different take on life and dash the liberal’s constant ‘super hero’ day dream), and that will lead to a backlash against average Americans. We already know liberals will not forgive America for relegating them to the minority (where they and their failed policies belong). So they will be ready for phase two of their revenge. The fact the liberal base is ready to rampage across the political landscape is evident everywhere, when they openly discuss their desires to impeach Bush and Cheney. This pressure is so great Pelosi has had to promise NOT fulfill the dreams of her consituents. Pelosi is promising to not represent the clear political desire of the party she represents. Anyone believe Pelosi will not bend to the will of her base?

But it will not stop there. As the perception that Dems will take over the house opens up the mouths of liberals, what is coming out is stunning (but not surprising). Take this call to eliminate religion from the public square by removing it from the political parties:

This surge of mediagenic piety is discouraging to one of the least heralded segments of the political spectrum: secular conservatives. The conservative movement has supposedly benefited from politicians who publicize their relationship to God. Non-believing conservatives, however, see this electoral gain as a Pyrrhic victory. Conservative principles, they say, are best grounded in reason and evidence, not revelation. The infusion of God talk into both parties’ campaign discourse adds nothing to the public’s ability to vote wisely.

What are we supposed to learn when a candidate talks about his faith: That he is a good person? The rich history of religious bounders and charlatans should give the lie to that hope. Nor has a sincere belief in God prevented behavior we now view as morally repugnant. There were few more religious Americans than antebellum slaveholders and their political representatives; their claim to a divine mandate for slavery was based in unimpeachable Scriptural authority.

Or perhaps a politician’s discussion of his prayer habits should reassure the public he’ll make the right decisions in office. But what if opposing candidates declare themselves supplicants of the divine will — how will a voter decide who is most likely to receive divine guidance?

The stereotype dripping from this piece represents the repressed hate liberals have for people of religion. I am not a religious person, so I do not take this personally. But my friends and family who are religious don’t deserve this condescending claptrap. To be in touch with God sometimes simply means accepting the boundaries of behavior Church tenets dictate, and living inside them. Like not stealing or killing. It doesn’t equate to having daily discourse with the almighty regarding all things marginal – like tax rates. So expect the ACLU to ramp up their efforts to remove religion from the face of the land so these thin skinned secularists will not have to face views they do not agree with. For that is the liberal mindset – “if I have to face diversity of thought then my rights are being impinged”.

But it will not stop there. Take parental notification, and love of life and family in difficult situations. I found this delightful representation of liberal darkness about the challenges of facing an unwanted pregnancy:

If a young woman is getting knocked up and doesn’t feel comfortable telling her parents that she’s about to have an abortion, then LAist believes that probably wouldn’t have been the best family situation for a little kid anyway. Children having children in less-than-perfect, untrusting households are not what will make this country any better.

Until all families, like those who read LAist, can communicate in honest and loving ways this blog will be voting No on 85.

Typical dark, uncaring and fairly immature – like much of the far left these days. The child was “knocked up”. The family is untrusting because the child is afraid of the parent’s response (same way they are afraid of telling the parents about the broken cookie jar). Whoever this person is, the amount of thought that went into this cold, harsh and shallow position is the kind of thought we see on the left constantly. They want to get out of Iraq because wars are hard and they kill people, so it would be better to let Al Qaeda have what they want to appease them. Same kind of logic. But I guarantee the parental notification laws, the late abortion laws and the ban on harvesting stem cells from human beings so rich people to live longer will all come under attack. And yes, a human embryo is a human being. I can prove that scientifically and legally without any doubt (and I plan to post on that soon). The word “embryo” means a stage of life, like “fetus” and “baby”. It doesn’t identify the form of life (e.g., organ vs organism) nor does it define the species, since the terms apply to many mammals. Liberals remain stubbornly ignorant of these facts, as they do on many subjects.

So will the Democrats stop there? Of course not. After banning religion so they can bring back the human carnage of killing others for personal benefit or convenience, they will muzzle the right through restrictions on radio and the internet. They will have to, they have no choice. The outcry that would ensue from the massive across the board tax hikes as the Bush tax cuts are rolled back will be felt by everyone. But worse will be when they cut off funds and force a military retreat in Iraq. Because then the Islamo Fascists will have what they want. They will have Iraq’s highly educated populace, with considerable WMD know-how, and the country’s endless oil reserves to generate cash. With the wind at their backs, the Islamo Fascists will go after the EU full force, as the liberals in Washington deny they were the cause of the second holocaust, one aimed at Jews and Christians. The liberals here will further clamp down on religion as the Europeans are doing now, in the naive attempt to close off the religious pressures. But secularists fight to live in their own little worlds, the Islamo Fascist fight to die killing the unbelievers. There will be no contest.

There are a lot of people who think we can go back to the ‘reality’ of the Clinton years – as if the media driven facade was ever real. Clinton’s economy was a myth, and the myth burst in a horrific bubble of internet speculation run amok. And the peace we thought was out there was actually the quiet of a building Islamo Fascist storm. The only thing about the Clinton years that is accurate is we had our faces turned away from all the troubles and challenges building. The liberals are offering us more of the same – turn away and pretend the beheadings and bombings in Iraq will never reach our shores. They are wrong of course. If we turn away we release the pressure on the terrorists and they will swarm over Europe and South America and Canada as they make their way here. Then we will have a real hell on earth.

Liberals will dismiss this scenario, but the question is will the promise to make sure it never happens! Of course they won’t.

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  1. Hayseed says:

    The call to \” take to the streets\” is Hillary\’s plan she had during the impeachment called \”The Scorched Earth Policy.\”

    You might recall we learned just recently about the terrorist attacks that were planned for late 02 or early 03 were cancled. They were cancled because Charles Baron promised on 8/19/02,during the reperations for slavery rally, that there would be \”Scorched Earth\” if they did not receive reperations for slavery.
    Frontpage David Horowitz archives 8/19/02

    You can find the FBI files Hillary threatened to release by searching Martha Mendoza Civil Rights

    Sorry I\’m not better with a computer.

  2. AJStrata says:


    I went in to fix your links and ended up having a bunch of slashes added to you comment. Will try and fix – no promises!

    Just keep posting.

  3. Retired Spook says:

    I am not a religious person, so I do not take this personally.

    Neither am I, AJ. Spiritual — yes, religions — no. But if faced with the choice of whom I would trust with my life, my wife and my money, a fundamentalist Christian would win out over a Secular “Progressive” and day of the week.

  4. AJStrata says:

    Retired Spook,

    You go that right!

  5. Hayseed says:

    Thanks AJ.
    Those FBI files are the loose thread for the Clinton administration. Just a little pull, and the whole thing comes unraveled.