Oct 20 2006

What Media Bias?

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IBD has a great piece out today clearly identifying the media bias. Bernie Goldberg, who wrote the ground-breaking expose’ called Bias had a good point on Fox News (can’t recall which show). He asked something along the lines of: if the media was 86% republican, had favored George Bush 12 to 1 over Kerry, and the anchors and managers where former Enron, Exxon and Haliburton managers, would anyone consider them unbiased? Would anyone think the resulting news would be balanced? (I expanded his idea because he had only a few seconds to get it out at the end of a segment). Of course the answer is no. So whatever denial the liberal media wishes to wallow in doesn’t change the fact, the media is HEAVILY biased.

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  1. Limerick says:

    Like NBC’s morning show with its ‘power’ piece on Pelosi. Good kid, smart, dad taught her will, JFK/Pelosi shot, determined, strong, no nonsense, and of course ‘drain the swamp’ quote. Not ONE word about her platform except ‘change course in Iraq’. None. Zero. Zip.
    Nothing about tax policy, immigration, abortion, missle defense, Israel, Dept of Peace, interrogations. Thats it; ‘change the course’.
    Now THAT was a good in depth power piece.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    It was on O’Reilly and of course the Democrat that was on said the press certainly isn’t biased. Maybe some editors, but certainly not the reporters.

  3. momdear1 says:

    Fox news is a major cause of the bitterness and go for the juglar vein political climate in this country. It’s “fair and balanced” policy of giving equal voice to the opposition which is allowed to say anything, whether true or not, about every issue, is responsible for the country being divided by hate filled zealots who are constantly bombarded and hyped up by charges of evil intentions, unproven crimes and suspected treacheries. Most of the hate filled tirades come from Democrat paid hatchet men who are set on taking down the President and destroying the Republican opposition once and for all. The President can’t even make a speech without a James Carville, Susan Estrich or one of their ilk getting equal time to reiterate the Democratic talking points accusing the President of high crimes and treason.

    The Republicans are not responsible for the hatred I feel when I see these professional party hacks attack our President when he is doing his best to protect this country and finish off the rabid fanatics who are hell bent on converting us or killing us. Each time I am subjected to the unfair villification of the President and our country I have this urge to strangle the rabid malcontent traitors who are constantly in my face with their unfounded charges and complaints. While they are whipping up their followers into a frency of hatred and discontent , they are inspiring me to do something, anything, to shut the liars and traitors up.

    I am offended that Fox news has such traitors and American haters as Susan (Bag Lady) Estrich, Eleanor (The Grinch) Cliff, Bill “What’s wrong with being a Communist” Press , and other has beens who brought down CNN on the payroll as “Consultants.” I feel like I am contributing to their financial upkeep by watching.

    If this country erupts into civil war, it will be Fox News and it’s imitators who have whipped up the animosity on both sides.

  4. Ken says:

    Would that the media had shown its bias in the run-up to the war when Bush and Cheney were cherrypicking intelligence. The NYT
    and others apologized after for not researching the credibility of it,
    but only after the war came a cropper.