Oct 18 2006

Details Of NSA Capabilities Turns Up In AQ Handbook

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Fixed the link – thanks Harold!

The American news media cannot claim their leaks about NSA and other intelligence efforts are not hurting our efforets to defend this country. Not after an Al Qaeda terrorist handbook has been found on the internet exploiting the information that was gleaned from the exposure of the NSA’s Terrorist Surveillance Program (and all the blabber that surrounded the news).

When an aspiring Al Qaeda terrorist is buying a cell phone, it’s best that he purchase the chip inside the device under a phony name or from a black market vendor that does not sell the accompanying documentation. If he has any reason to believe his phone has been tapped, he should sell it immediately to a stranger.

This is the kind of advice contained in “Myth of Delusion,” a 151-page manuscript making the rounds on password-protected jihadi Web sites. The book recently caught the attention of American intelligence analysts, who estimate that it was released sometime this summer.

While he makes no mention of the December 2005 New YorkTimes article that first disclosed that the National Security Agency was tapping phone numbers found in cell phones captured from suspected Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan, he does devote a chapter to electronic surveillance.

In it, Mr. Hakaymah writes that any electronic communication between operatives can be monitored using key words such as “Mullah Omar,” the name of the Taliban leader, or even voice printing.

Two pages are devoted to the Echelon surveillance system, which Britain and America developed in the 1990s. Mr. Hakaymah warns future terrorists not to repeat the mistake of the Kurdish terrorist leader Abdullah Öcalan, who was captured in Nairobi, Kenya, after making a cell phone call to northern Iraq.

“The surveillance may be for a certain number or for detecting a certain voice fingerprint for a wanted person,” Mr. Hakaymah writes. “When a person’s number is detected, the recorded calls can be retrieved whether it was incoming or outgoing on that number.”

The IC contacts for the piece tried to minimize the impact – but what could they say? And once again I believe it to be prudent to listen to these terrorists and believe in what they tell us:

n his preface, Mr. Hakaymah writes that the book will “use the published reports, news, and research, which expose the extent of the failure of the American intelligence services inside and outside the United States.”

In the modern day, lose News Media lips topple skyscrapers. The Pulitzers are not worth one innocent life.

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  1. HaroldHutchison says:

    Time for the New York Times to face charges.

  2. The Macker says:

    Agree with HH.

    This is a “smoking gun.”

  3. Al Qaeda Learns From News Leaks…

    Hat tip: AJ Strata who points us to the NY Sun’s report that an Al Qaeda terrorist handbook has been found on the internet exploiting the information gained from the leak of the NSA program. Unsurprisingly, as the President pointed out numerous…

  4. For Enforcement says:

    And contrary to what we(conservatives) may think about this, the libs really do care about this. THEY ARE IN FAVOR of it. They want America to be hurt by this. They hate America, it’s as simple as that.

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:

    AJ: sad fact is, there is NOTHING in there Classified; ALL info is available on the Internet, just using Google!

  6. Retired Spook says:

    They hate America, it’s as simple as that.

    Enforcement, that really is the enigma that is modern Liberalism. They certainly hate the vision of American that you and I cherish.

  7. Ken says:

    so DaleinAtlanta took the rug out from AJ’s spiel, right?

  8. tarpon says:

    Al Qaeda knows nothing about what the NSA can really do. It’s a whole lot more than what can be defeated by using a throw away phone. The software is much much smarter than al Qaeda. There are many sources of intelligence other than phone calls which goes into the plan. Who knows what really hides on those drones.

    Compiling a manual with open source sources is a non-starter, anyone can do that. Why don’t you think that the NSA hasn’t already thought of that.

    You can get a lot from just newspapers if you know how, then send in the drones.

  9. BIGDOG says:


    AJ: sad fact is, there is NOTHING in there Classified; ALL info is available on the Internet, just using Google!

    Ummm….please clarify what you mean.

    ??? Exactly what was available on the internet before the disclosure and the apparent revelations. Meaning how would they know what our agencies were up to without NYT revelations and the subsequaint information that followed???

  10. Limerick says:


    if I remember the JN25 code and Enigma Machines were unbreakable, no way we could know what the other guy was thinking

  11. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, I know that you know you’re in France, but I’m gonna reveal to you that you are also out in Left Field. You act as if you didn’t know that.

    Limerick, I understand your point about the Enigma, actually it was unbreakable. Had we not gotten the machines, we would never have intercepted and decoded their messages.

    Dale in Atlanta, I have to agree with BigDog, yes it’s on the internet, now, because of the NYT and other MSM. There are many things that may be suspicious, but not known for sure. So we don’t need traitors like the Times revealing and/or confirming things for the enemy.

  12. DubiousD says:

    Since someone brings up France every time Ken shows up, here’s a taste of what’s recently’s been going on in France:


    “Radical Muslims in France’s housing estates are waging an undeclared “intifada” against the police, with violent clashes injuring an average of 14 officers each day.

    “As the interior ministry said that nearly 2,500 officers had been wounded this year, a police union declared that its members were “in a state of civil war” with Muslims in the most depressed “banlieue” estates which are heavily populated by unemployed youths of north African origin.”

    Shoot, the solution is obvious. Clearly the French presence is antagonizing the local Muslim population. It’s time we pulled the French out of France.

  13. Snapple says:

    Ken said on a different thread that the French were threatening to shoot at Israeli planes overflying Lebanon and tracking Syrian arms shipments to Lebanon.

    I doubt that the Israelis are exactly quaking in their boots!

    The French are supposed to be enforcing the UN rules there, but they aren’t stopping the Syrian arms trafficking, so the Israelis have to protect themselves. They aren’t going to let Lebanon turn into an arms depot again.