Oct 15 2006

Kerry Admits North Korea Cheating On Nuke Agreement In 1997!

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John Kerry’s biggest problem for himself and Democrats is his mouth. This morning on Fox News Chris Wallace challenged Kerry about his claim that Bush let NK get the bomb. Wallace said experts say NK began cheating in 1997. Kerry let slip that ‘of course’ NK was cheating on the agreement, and that we knew (in 1997 that would be President Clinton as the ‘we’). Kerry then made the ridiculous claim that if we just let NK keep cheating on their commitments to NOT build a nuclear bomb, then they would not have built a nuclear bomb. The man is borderline delusional. If we let NK continue to violate their promises and work to build a bomb then they won’t??? Scary how close this man came to being President.

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  1. patrick neid says:


    saw the interview in question. I kept hoping that chris wallace would ask the final one last question that he didn’t.

    mr. kerry, if after following your continued diplomatic efforts the north koreans still developed a bomb in secret and later tested it what would you do then?

    after the blah, blah, answer— then this fianl question

    mr. kerry, after the UN sanctions, which you championed, the north koreans still continued to test their new nukes what would you do then if the rest of the world decided to do nothing as they have to date?

    mr. kerry we are waiting for your answer.

    his circle jerk would be unmasked. we would be right where we are today. there are no “first strike” pre-emptive militarty options and lil’ kim knows it. the fabled “seoul” blackmail card. At least the Bush policy has gotten us to this date a lot sooner which i believe has been their point all along–to get us to the obvious as soon as possible so we may potentially come up with a solution–if one exist. on a positive note, china and russia are revealed as the frauds we knew they were. the bad news, iran is getting the bomb next and like korea, we cannot do anything about it until one goes off.

  2. DubiousD says:

    Of course, the Democrats’ rationale for delivering nuclear knowhow to Kim Jung Il was that said technology would only be employed for “peaceful energy needs”.

    Well, here’s a recent satellite map of both North and South Korea illustrating how well that turned out.


  3. MerlinOS2 says:


    If you want to place it in a world perspective, try a peek at this picture, and click on it to enlarge

  4. sbd says:

    From a post I made on 12/15/05 at Free Republic.

    Some highlights:

    “1994 Report 1: The North Korean Nuclear Arsenal is Deployed, Despite Face-Saving Agreements With the US The following report appeared in the July 31, 1994, edition of Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy .North Korea and the United States were preparing, in August [1994], to sign a deal which would “resolve their differences” over the DPRK’s military nuclear development. But the deal is merely intended to save face for all concerned. North Korea — the DPRK — already has deployed a substantial number of nuclear weapons and the US is not prepared to confront the matter. Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily November 19, 2002 Tuesday”

    “North Korea — the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) — already has close to 10 operational nuclear warheads for its ballistic missiles, and two nuclear devices that can be carried by truck or transport aircraft. All the weapons are 50kt nuclear warheads, each weighing around 500kg (1,100lb.). All the DPRK’s ballistic missiles can carry nuclear warheads.”

    “Since June 1992, activities intensified in the DPRK’s primary nuclear weapons site at Yongbyon, an elaborate underground complex called Building 500. Pyongyang argued that the building was merely a nuclear waste storage site. In early 1993, the IAEA inspectors requested access to Building 500 to confirm what it was. The DPRK not only refused, but announced its withdrawal from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The Korean People’s Army (KPA) quickly established 40 military encampments, three airbases, a major ammunition depot, and deployed some 300 heavy anti-aircraft guns around the entire Yongbyon complex. The IAEA’s continued insistence on inspecting Building 500 resulted in the DPRK’s declaring the Semi-War State, ordering mobilization of its armed forces. Presumably, North Korea would not have risked war over a dump site.”

    “In order to confirm the status of the North Korean military nuclear capabilities, a high level delegation of West European diplomats and experts based in Beijing visited the DPRK in the early winter of 1993. Returning from Pyongyang in mid-December 1993, the delegation reported that the DPRK had “several atomic bombs and the vehicles to launch them”. The delegation confirmed much of the data provided by defectors, including that North Korea “has built several kilo[ton]-size bombs”. On the basis of the DPRK’s verified plutonium production at Yongbyon alone, the delegation concluded that the DPRK already had “at least half a dozen bombs” to be delivered by a growing arsenal of ballistic missiles.”

    “Meanwhile, since the early 1980s, the DPRK gained access to both Iranian Western-educated scientists and the Libyan clandestine procurement infrastructure for Western technology. Tehran and Tripoli convinced Pyongyang to significantly expand its military nuclear program even before the initial phase was complete. Consequently, in the mid-1980s, the DPRK had access to Western nuclear technology, mainly West German, through the strategic cooperation between the DPRK, Libya, Syria, and Iran. Indeed, Ko Yong-Hwan confirmed that the North Korean nuclear program utilized diversified technology from West European sources. Indeed, key components of the DPRK’s new 50mw research reactor, built near the submarine base in Sinpo, are German-made. Like the Yongbyon complex, the Sinpo reactor is the center of a large scale underground complex. Simultaneously, in May 1989, the DPRK and the GDR signed a comprehensive agreement on the transfer of “substantial” amounts of German nuclear technology and nuclear weapons materials, including enriched uranium, to Pyongyang.”

    “The Geneva accord constitutes a profound change in US policy concerning the North Korean nuclear arsenal. Washington gave up on preventing the DPRK from becoming a nuclear power. Washington even no longer insists on verifying the extent of the North Korean arsenal through IAEA inspection. Instead, the US opted to appease and bribe North Korea with the hope that Pyongyang would freeze its nuclear build-up. Washington is buying time while maintaining the charade that the DPRK does not have nuclear weapons. Consequently, the US and its allies have settled into the do-nothing-for-now mode, merely postponing the hour of reckoning.

    All that time, Washington is getting used to the fact, although without acknowledging it publicly, that the threat of North Korean nuclear blackmail is already pending.”


  5. Kerry’s Consistent Inconsistenices…

    To Continue with Kerry’s own words: This one I love, because in effect he is talking about himself. He didn’t realize it at the time, but in retrospet, he may regret either his former or his present statements….

  6. Barbara says:

    John Kerry is dumb as a box of rocks. He flips.He flops. He can’t make up his mind. He changes his mind. He has no mind. People said he did well in the debates in 2004. I heard him make several stupid statements, for example, on nuclear proliferation agreement, he said he would disband this. No one said a word . No comeback at all. I sat there with my mouth open in astonishment.

  7. Limerick says:


    19 million Muslims for jihad
    …and that’s just in Indonesia

    this will chill some souls…….