Oct 11 2006

Der Spiegel Is Kaput On Foleygate

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Der Spiegel has an article out claiming ‘the list’ of gay republican staffers and officials on The Hill is a REPUBLICAN attack on gays in their party!

The scandal surrounding US Congressman Mark Foley’s inappropriate messages to a teenage boy threaten to damage Republican chances in a tight midterm election next month. Faced with a disaster at the polls, the GOP has begun fighting back with mounting ferocity — including a witch hunt against gays.

They just call it “the list.” It supposedly bears the names of two dozen gay and lesbian Republicans — including a female Senator, four members of Congress, nine chiefs of staff, and two White House advisors. This “velvet mafia,” say inside sources, helped cover up former US Congressman Mark Foley’s appetite for underage congressional pages — in order to protect one of their own.

Maybe it would help the Vogel-Kopfs (“bird brains” if my HS Deutsch is still in my memory correctly) if they did some investigating instead of slandering. “The List” is from fanatic leftwing nutjobs using blackmail and extortion to try and influence votes and policy. The outing campaign is the liberal answer to their lack of ideas and communication skills. Der Spiegel better retract this abysmal attempt at ‘reporting’.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Maybe itwould be better if they stuck to the things they actually know, like maybe their imending bankruptcy.

  2. Barbara says:

    Sorry, impending bankruptcy